constant clearing of throat and mucus

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  1. Aeronsmom

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    For the past 3 weeks I have been having to constantly clear my throat, it feels like I am almost choking on my saliva or mucus...I don't know which it is, it is a real pain in the neck (no pun inteneded), i have to keep clearing it as well as constantly swallowing more than usual.

    anyone else having this problem? Any advise would be great.

    Love you all, Ann
  2. minkanyrose

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    I have it to so will be looking to see if someone has an answer
  3. it could be the change in our weather. Try taking some humibid or guaifensin and drink alot of water for a few days and see if that helps. That will thin the mucus out if that is the problem.
  4. fifthofanickel

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    due to having GERD...But allergies affect it also, esp this time of year..Drinking a lot of water is a good suggestion. I do that on the days it is worse for me, & it does help...


    GREDFERN New Member

    Are you taking any meds?
    Sometimes an allergic reaction can cause this type of symptom. Also the change in the weather is upon us in the midwest
  6. Pianowoman

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    This can be a post nasal drip caused by any number of allergies or sinus infection. You may need to get treatment for these.
    I have also heard that water with lemon in the morning can help a lot with this.

  7. Redwillow

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    Hi Ann

    When I have a sore throat or gunk in my throat I use a suggestion a naturopath suggested years ago.

    You take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and put it in 8 oz of cold water and gargle with it. I find it cuts the phegm (sp?) in the back of throat. And if your throat hurts it takes the pain away.

    You will have to do this several times, every time the pain or gunk comes back. But it works for me and is much better for you then meds.

    When I have a cold I keep a plastic bottle of it beside the bed and sip it (yes I have gotten used to the flavour and it doesn't bother me anymore). It does a much better job then cough drops or cough syrup for me.

    Since this works so well for me I am considering trying the other apple cidar vinegar treatments that people do here. My father who has arthritis believes it helps his arthritis pain.

    hugs Marion
  8. Redwillow

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    A few years ago I was having a lot of sinus pain behind my ears. I thought it was ear infections but the doctor insisted there was nothing wrong with my ears even though there was so much pressure my neck was stiff to turn my head. This problem continued on and off for months.

    I had someone candle my ears! My sinuses drained for 3 weeks! I wouldn't have believed how much gunk I blew out of my nose. My nose ran continuously like a tap for 3 weeks straight like a really bad cold but the nice thing was the pain in my ears was gone!

    I had my ears candled once more 2 weeks later as recommended and more stuff drained out. I haven't ever had the same problem with my sinuses since and that was about 3 years ago.

    hugs Marion (Redwillow)