constant colds, viruses, and infections

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    Hi, Last year, I had constant colds from September or October, all the way through Christmas. I might have had only one or two weeks free of colds. Then, my doc gave me an antibiotic because he suspected sinus infections. The antibiotic did no good, so I used colloidal silver, and inhaled it directly into my nose. That helped for a few weeks, and my nasal discharge stayed clear for awhile. Then I started getting a new kind of virus. It starts with a sore throat, followed by a runny nose, and ends as a bad cough, and the sore throat doesn't go away until the virus is over. The first two went away by themselves because I treated them very aggressively with Chinese herbs, colloidal silver, and Elderberry syrup. My nasal discharge stayed clear throughout. Now, this is the third time, and this time, my boyfriend has it too. This time, it started with a severe sore throat, a very runny nose, and a cough. My boyfriend and I had identical symptoms, except that now, my boyfriend has bronchitis. Minewhile, I have this horrible thick yellow discharge coming from my nose in large amounts. I also had three migraines in a row, right before the sore throat started. Sorry about going on; my main point is that I keep having these things over and over again. Yes, I'll go to the doctor; she'll probably give me antibiotics; it might help for a little while, and then the whole cycle starts over again. Doctor or no doctor, I can't seem to get rid of these colds, viruses, and infections. Help!! Any suggestions?
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    Seems like worldwide there is virus after virus going round this year.

    I have had five in six months and DH has had four (both of us had that really nasty flu)!

    It's not just us with these DD's - DH says people at his work are getting viruses nearly every month too.

    Strange... climate change maybe??

    All I can advise is rest, more rest and lots of liquids.

    Hopefully this phase will pass soon.

    Gentle hugs,

    Bunchy x
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    Me too! This yr. has been one of the worse, bar none for exceptionally srtong viruses. Really super bugs this yr. It certainly is a challenge.

    Take care,
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    Yes I have been tested for allergies, and I was allergic to everything they tested me for, including many foods, except for chocolate and cockroaches. I guess I should eat chocolate-covered cockroaches, huh? But so far, I haven't had this problem with viruses; I mean, I have had many viruses in the past, including bronchitis and pneumonia, but there was always time in between the viruses and infections. Now, I find myself almost constantly sick.
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    This has been an unusually bad cold and flu season for me. Generally I get 2-3 mild colds a year and since Sept. I have had 3 colds and the horrible flu that went around. In fact right now I have a sinus infection and got yet another round of ABX from the doc today. Hate to take so many ABX but don't know what else to do either. My immune system is definitely run down and since I have a six year and work in his lcass once a week I seem to be getting more than my typical bout of viruses.

    I am taking 1000mg of Ester C along with a product called anti-V which is supposed to boost the immune system. Try to rest as much as possible, stay away from sugar (even chocolate covered cockroches) as it lowers the immune system. Lots of raw fruits/veggies. Other than that I don't have a lot of advice since I seem to be in the same boat but must admit I am not taking my own advice lately.

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    Hi Luvdogs,
    I have posted on this topic before myself, I was thinking I was one of very few with this problem. I seem to be sick with a virus more often than not anymore. I am at my wits end with this. The virus's range from milder symptoms of runny nose and headache, stomach problems to major flu like I had this winter. As soon as I start feeling better I am on to the next one. I started to think that maybe this is just what CFIDS is, catching constant virus's because that what it seems like for me. I wonder how I catch some of them because I will try to stay in and not go out. It seems our kids must bring them in or they just are in the air all around. Wish I had some help to offer but at least you know you are not alone. I also agree that there are tons of people sick out there because I see them. My problem is I will get sick everytime I am around them.
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    I had this problem from last summer through mid-Feb. That's when I started taking Emergen-C Immune Defense twice a day plus increased my B complex. Since then, I haven't had a single respiratory infection even though every one around me has been sick including my grandsons who had strep & myco. I don't know if that's what broke the cycle but I'm sticking with it, especially since I have a little more energy.
    Hope you're feeling better soon.
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    I can sympathise. The first 3-4 years I was sick with CFS I was a walking infection! Ugh! I had both viral and bacterial infections constantly.

    One thing that helped was I was careful about what I touched and constantly washed hands and stayed away from people during cold/flu season. (Yes, not not everyong can do this) I also refused (politely) to shake people's hands telling them I was sick and did not want to pass anything along (that helped their hurt feelings saying I was sick). Elderberry syrup does help if you take it at the first symptoms about 2 tablespoons every 4 hours.

    I also found things on this board that I tried that really improved the infections like taking Red Marine Algae, Monolauren and Bromelain together, etc. I was basically infection free for 2 years until now, so I'm trying them again. I think the Red Marine Algae helped more than anything. I believe I took it for 4-6 months. I hope this helps a little. :) It's miserable!

    I just wanted to add I remember some old posts with people having good results with anti-viral drugs. My Dr. won't give me any. :-( So I'm going to start taking the elderberry extracts 2 times a day until.....If you want, I can let you know how it goes.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions. Unfortunately, the last virus I had turned into a nasty bacterial infection, so that's the latest thing i'm fighting. Now I have a constant sinus headache that turns into migraines every day, intense pain in my neck (don't know why), have lost my voice, and have a bad cough. I am trying antibiotics, but they haven't kicked in yet. Sorry to tell you this gross stuff but i have constant thick yellow mucus coming out of my nose. This virus/infections just seems to be going on and on. I am a bit in despair. I hope the antibiotic works, but mostly, I hope I can have a few weeks before the next one hits, if there is a next one. I've practically become an elderberry syrup junkie, but it's not helping. Maybe I'll try some of the other things you've mentioned. The thing is, I lost two days of my paltry little five hour a week job, and I can't afford to lose the job. If I lose the job, I lose my insurance. Add to all this, and my boyfriend is not being very supportive. He just won't have any conversation with me! Most nights, he's watching tv, and doesn't want to be interrupted. Last night, I tried talking during the commercial, and he just didn't respond, or laugh, or anything. I asked why he wouldn't talk to me, and he said he just didn't feel like talking. This morning, I asked if maybe we could have some conversation tonight, and he said, "we'll see. I'm having a stressful day." Great, now I've totally changed the subject, and I sound like I really feel sorry for myself. Sorry for being so glum , but i'm sinking into a bit of glumness.
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    Please update your situation regarding those viruses. What helped? I have the same problem for over 9 years. Life is miserable. I have 26 years now. Thank you.
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    I was wondering if you thought your adrenal glands might be part of the problem? I have had CFS/Fibro for many years and had recently learned that our adrenal glands could be exhausted and causes our immune system big problems. I wish you well and hopefully you can find an answer soon. I too catch nearly every flu virus going around the past two years. So I am going to try to work on the adrenal glands.&lt;BR&gt;
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    Are you exposed to cigarette smoke much? I always get a horrific respiratory infection if I'm exposed to cigarette smoke.