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  1. jole

    jole Member

    I know most of us suffer from fatigue, but mine is horrible. I have been on meds, off meds, on suppliments, and nothing seems to help. The fatigue is to the point that I honestly can't do anything.

    It's not just fog, but a deep tiredness and overwhelming fatigue that leaves me too exhausted to talk, and sometimes too tired to breathe correctly. My heartrate slows down and I simply can't care about anything.

    When I get home from work (and I'm missing more days) I try to log on because you all make me feel better, just knowing I'm not alone with all this. So many times I would love nothing more than to post a reply to you, but I just can't because I don't have the energy. Many nights I'm in bed between 6-7 in order to get up the next morning.

    I feel that my husband thinks I'm slacking off, but this has really kicked my butt again. Just walking totally wears me out, and that is in slow motion. But to be too tired to talk or breathe is what my DH can't understand.

    Anyone else?

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  2. jhmitch

    jhmitch New Member

    Hi Jole!

    The fatigue never hit me that bad until the last couple of months, now I know exactly what you mean.

    Since you are working, it isn't surprising that the fatigue is wearing you down. Posting online also requires getting thoughts organized in order to put them into some sort of coherent form (too much like work, sometimes). Like you, I've begun to post a lot less and read a lot more.

    For me, nothing is better than to lie down and start reading a book. Usually I get about 5 pages into it before drifting off into a light sleep. A nap seems like the only thing that keeps me going at all.

    While I can't tell you how to beat this fatigue problem, I can assure you that you are certainly not alone.

    Here is hoping for better days ahead!



  3. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    have you considered to stop working? Maybe it's time? Let go of what your husband thinks about your fatigue level right now. The little energy you have should be kept to your own self.

    I wish I could help more.
  4. LostHearts

    LostHearts New Member

    Right now I am so tired I can barely type, as I've just posted another message about SSD.

    Though it pains me to read that someone else is having this problem, you are not alone. It seems my body can scarcely hold itself up. The last few weeks I've been sleeping probably 18 out of 24 hours--not all at once. My strength and what alertness is left is good for about 3-4 hours during late morning-early afternoon. After that forget it. If I shut my eyes right now, I'll drift off again.

    This fatigue is not normal tiredness. It goes bone deep, as the saying goes. Sometimes, if something falls on the floor, it becomes a major project just to pick it up. It seems none of my relatives understand how someone can have absolutely no energy whatsoever, and think I am shrugging my duties. At least my hubby is a nurse and keeps telling me I'm not lazy, that it's my disease.

    This type of tiredness probably has its origin in the brain, as recent research has shown. You really should consider whether or no you can keep on working. My pain and fatigue became so bad that all I was doing was getting up, working a full day, coming home and heading right for bed. I had no life at all, and at work became so disgusted with myself I was literally throwing things and not even taking down messages.

    Please don't let yourself reach this point. With all work and nothing else, a severe depression set in as I lost any pleasure in life I had. This is a real disease and the severe fatigue is one of its major symptoms.

    I wish you all the best. Take care of yourself and treat yourself gently. And NO GUILT ALLOWED! I can't imagine anyone actually wanting to feel this way. I was a type A person before all this struck me down and so it's doubly hard to take.

    Bless you and hang in there.
  5. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Yes, I know exactly how you feel. I am experiencing the same thing now. The fatigue goes clear to the bone.

    Sometimes I can't even get out of my recliner. It is hard to put one foot in front of the other.

    I have slacked off being on the board in the last few weeks. I felt better the other day and stayed on for a while, but it had been the first time in a long time.

    I don't know what the answer is.

    Hope you feel better,

  6. jole

    jole Member

    Thanks for all your replies. Yes, I would love to be albe to quit work - although I love my job - and slow down a bit to see if it would help. As you said, LostHearts, I really have no life most of the time. Work, come home, sleep and get up to work again.

    But we need the medical insurance, and can't afford it any other way. My husband is self-employed (farmer) and ready to retire with a lot of health issues also. Soooo if I can just hang on a few more years, maybe I can retire also.

    Until then, I guess life is on "hold", and except for an occasional rare good day, I guess I'm too tired to be too upset about it:) But on the few good days, it really makes me angry to see my life slipping away for a job.

    Anyway, sorry to hear you guys feel the same. it's awful, isn't it? Can at least take a pill to take the edge off the pain, but there's no answer I know of for the horrible fatigue.

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  7. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    totaly. I only read the board for such a long time. I also have extreme fatigue. There are days when I sleep and sleep and wake for a couple of hours and sleep some more. Then there are the weeks that I can't sleep and I am so tired but the sleep will not come. When I had to leave work, I was pushing my body to work long hours, not take lunch & live on coffee & sugar. I would come home & crash. On weekends I rarely got out of pjs. It was my career of 32 years but my body finally said stop. It just would not let me go anymore. I was put on medical leave and was never able to return. I would go to sleep and you could vaccum around me and have people over & I would not wake up. Even with the sleep, I would wake and would be exhausted. I did not have the strength to bath, wash my hair,or fix simple food for myself. My body suffered a breakdown. It was like that for months & months. I did not have the energy to talk or have company, even visits from my parents & adult children would exhaust me. It would take 1 to 2 weeks to partially recover from a visit to the doctor. Then came the unrelenting pain followed by depression. The board still fatigues me but it has helped with the depression. Sometimes I start to answer & just stop. It's too hard & too tiring. Is it possible for you to quite your job? Do you have disability at your workplace? I wish that I hadn't pushed so hard. When I left it took 3 people to replace me. I'm not proud of that now. I thought I was superwoman and I found that I'm not and now both me and my family are paying dearly for me abusing and not listening to my body. PLEASE listen to yours.
  8. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    Have you done anything to support your adrenals? They could be a large part of your fatigue.

    If they're weak, you will be wiped out. Coffee, sugar and alcohol are all very hard on the adrenals, and stress also wipes them out.

    To support them, you have to eliminate, as much as possible: stress, caffeine, sugar, alcohol.

    Also, a good B complex vitamin and extra pantothenic acid are very important.

    And, last, but not least, an adrenal glandular product can help a lot, if your adrenals are weak. This is not the same as the prescription Cortef, which I believe is a steroid and which will eventually deplete the adrenals further.

    There are several adrenal glandular products available, I've gotten most of mine through chiropractors. Three good ones are Drenatrophin by Standard Process, Cytozyme AD by Biotics and Adrenogen. I initially had to take at least twice the recommended dose because my adrenals were so weak. I was weak as a kitten without them. THe good news is they helped rather rapidly. However, I continued my stressful lifestyle for many years and wiped out my body further.

    I don't know if this is something you've investigated before, but if you haven't, this can make a major difference.

  9. jole

    jole Member

    Thanks for the replies. 1sweetie, your fatigue sounds exactly like mine! Either falling asleep at my desk, in the car, 18 hours a day, etc. or not sleeping at all. Quite the ride, isn't it??

    And Mary, no I haven't taken anything specifically for the adrenals, but have taken products for "total body" health, i.e. vitamins, minerals in liquid form, etc. Will check into it though, because I really can't afford to quit my job. But can't afford to be in an accident on the way to or from work either. Oh, makes me wonder what "normal" really feels like.

    Thanks for the info.

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  10. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    we can do when we are fatigued is to keep trying to push through the fatigue and do more. I find that I must rest every day ...and that means getting into bed a couple of times a day. I never used to do that until I was totally exhausted.

    Now I make it a habit to rest before I get too fatigued and it really helps my attitude and my level of energy. Of course, I don't work and I have to make choices as to where I will invest my energy. I am learning (finally) to put myself first and not worry about what others think.
  11. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    Just to be safe, and if you have not already done so, please have your heart checked out by a cardiologist. It is dangerous to always chalk up our symptom to CFS and Fibro.

    Severe fatigue can have many serious causes such as heart disease, cancer, anemia, on and on.

    So please have a complete physical.

    One thing that helps my fatigue is the supplement called Emergen C - it comes in a small packet you mix with water. It is vitamin C and other electrolytes.

    Hope you feel peppier soon...
  12. kari_cares

    kari_cares New Member

    I just signed up, and got on here for the very first time tonight. Your message is the first I've read. Although I suffer from CFS, my heart goes out to you and your pain of all of it. I think I've been tired, since I was a kid.. honestly. Dr. upon Dr. telling me I suffer from depression, and well yeah,, who wouldn't be depressed being tired, and having no energy! I am currently on medication for depression, that has helped, but always seem to get to that "fog", and the muscle tiredenss, headaches, body aches, around my period. Sometimes I have ONE good wk during the month. I usually start feeling my symptoms two wks before my period. I started taking B12 shots wkly, and I cannot believe how much it has helped me. Doesn't help every single month.. but it has helped. I am an LPN, so I give myself the shots, but your MD can give you them, or you can be taught to. Of course, your MD needs to give you the prescription if you were able to do it yourself. I need to do more for myself, that would probably help me more... #1 stop smoking. Are you on med right now? And if you are, may I ask what they are? I was once on Klonopin, which at the time, I thought was helping me. But kept getting more exhausted by the month. I was So very depressed, and felt so out of it. My boyfriend did not understand one bit, which didn't help at all. I decided to stop the Klonopin, for what reason I don't know, but I made that choice, and so glad I did. Of course tapering off slowly. When I was off that med. I could NOT believe the energy I had. The Klonopin was actually making me worse, and causing more exhaustion. I wish I had gotten off of that a long time ago. I think I 'm much better since going off Klonopin, but I still suffer from fatigue. I don't think I'm at the point your at, so that is why I ask about your meds. When I do work a lot, or like just recently, took a trip to Florida, and when we got back, I just was dead on my feet. Everyone else,, up and at em the next day, just fine. I've been totally exhausted for the past four days since we've gotten home from that trip.

    anyway,,, sorry for going on and on. I hope I see another message from you again on here.. and get an update on how your feeling.

    All my Best,
  13. littlebrownwren

    littlebrownwren New Member

    Several weeks ago I was where you are. I have never felt such fatigue in all my life. It seemed to me as if I barely had the energy to breathe. I would be sitting at the table with my coffee and tears would be flowing down my cheeks. I had no control over my emotions. When I tried to walk across the room my body felt as if it would collapse like a stack of cards. I really felt like I was dying, maybe had cancer or some dreaded disease. When I went to bed with all my meds I still couldn't rest because I was so tired. It was like something was sucked out of me.

    Went to my family doctor twice with out much luck. Went to my arthritis doctor and he put me on a high dose prednisone for a while and then backed me off. He added folbee[which is b12, b6, and folic acid, changed some of my other meds around and I finally began to come out of it.

    It is still there to a degree but I'm still improving.

    I so wanted to get on here and brag about how good christmas was. I thought that people would think I was not as sick as I am. I had to let some things go but I got everything up and decorated and cooked a meal for 20 people.

    I was living in total fear that it would happen again. But "YAHOO" I did it. I had to replan everything I usually did, doing somethings weeks ahead, like cakes and dishes that I could freeze. Housecleaning was the same way, a little bit here and a little bit there. It finally added up and my daughter came up and kept my kitchen cleaned as I messed it up and stayed after to get almost all the dishes done. You don't know how thankful I was. I left a few smaller jobs for family to help with at the last min and that worked great to.
    Today was the same with new years. I did it. I am so thankful. So afraid it will be taken away from me by this DD. It's horrible to live each day in fear.

    I wish I had answers but I can say for certain that I have over come it to a large degree and as I said, still improving. I pray that you will soon come through this dark valley too.

  14. MaryCecelia

    MaryCecelia New Member

    I can identify with you, and I'm sure sorry for you, Jole. I read here daily or every other day, but usually don't have much energy to post or to respond; however, this board is a tremendous help for me.
    Oh, how I wish, this would be the year we'd get better, so we could fully LIVE!
  15. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    Jole - One more thing - it was a chiropractor many years ago who first diagnosed my weak adrenals by muscle testing. My regular doctor couldn't find anything wrong with me, but I was weak as a kitten. When the chiropractor hit the "adrenal" point, my arm went completely weak.

    The chiropractor also helped me with several other things using the muscle testing, when the doctors were helpless. The chiropractor used Standard Process products, which are actually a food product, instead of drugs to treat me.

    It's sometimes called kinesiology. I was very lucky in finding a chiropractor who was so skilled. Not all of them are. Also, the cost was very reasonable compared to a doctor's visit and tests.

  16. Tigger57

    Tigger57 New Member

    Yes, I do know what you mean. Since the beginning of my whole journey through this mess, the fatigue has always been the worst.

    I work and have to because I live alone and cannot live on disability. (If you know any rich men send them my way LOL) I have almost gotten myself and others killed on the interstate because out of no where I just start to nod off.

    I'm in RI and the weather is changing here today and the pain just started to kick in, but the fatigue never seems to go away. On the mornings where I get up, get a cup of coffee, sit on the couch and fall asleep. Those are the worst. The doctor has finally given me Ritalin and when I have one of those mornings I take one and it's better.

    I feel so guilty some days because I go to work, barely make it home, feed the dogs and let them out... feed the cats, and fall asleep sitting up at the computer. I don't even get a chance to eat. It's horrible. The guilt part comes in because I know the dogs need some attention. I have even gotten on the floor to play with them and fallen asleep there.

    I've been in and out of sleep all day today and yesterday.
  17. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    I know what you are talking about. I have suffered with this for years...but I have noticed the last two to three years...I get worse as each year passes.

    I don't go out for weeks at a time now!

    I hate this way of life, but... at the point...if I can SLEEP a few hours at a time.... and not be DYING of pain... I try to not complain to they don't understand.
  18. MtnDews

    MtnDews New Member

    Ditto to your post. Took adderal for a while, then was switched to Provigil. Headaches too bad with Provigil, so I just drag myself around. I'm exhausted all the time. Just getting up is a huge chore. I hope you find something that will help you. I don't think anyone who hasn't had this can really understand the depth of this fatigue.
  19. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    I was going to suggest glandulars which I wish I'd tried way sooner, since they've been so amazing, w/ B's and extra pantothenic (B5), but she's already said it so well.

    I've been exactly where you are btw, right down to too tired to talk or breath, feeling air starved, like I can't even get a deep breath. Deep breathing exercises made a big difference w/ those horrible breathing symptoms. Real simple ones like deep abdominal breathing anytime I thought of it.

  20. MaryCecelia

    MaryCecelia New Member

    Based on my Great Smokey Mtns. Lab results, my Dr. said I do have adrenal fatigue; however, 6 months on Adrenogen did nothing for me, so I don't take anything for my adrenals right now. Perhaps I should try one of the others you guys suggested--Drenatrophin. Also, should your adrenals be treated prior to your thyroid? Thanks.

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