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    For several months now I've had a headache probably 90 percent of the time. Drs don't have much to offer, chiro adjustments haven't helped. I'm thinking it's related to jumping thru the hormone hoops of menopause, but it just never lets up.

    I'm ultra sensitive to light all of the time, sometimes have to wear sunglasses in the house (we have a very open, bright house w lots of windows and skylights). I've tried homeopathic and herbal headache remedies, acupressure, heat, cold, you name it.

    I've also wondered if it could be rebound type headaches from OTC pain relievers, but even when I cut those out it never gets better. My doc said to eliminate caffeine, but I only have 1 cup of coffee in the morning, not a caffeine abuser.

    Anyway, anyone have any suggestions or share the same discomfort. Having a bad headache (goes from mild to migraine level pain) daily is horrible and it's really getting me down. All I can do is lie down in a dark quiet place and rest, it's even hard to sleep sometimes. Hoping for a day that this goes away!
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    I too suffer from constant headaches. It wasn't until I went to a UW Hospital Neurologist @ the Headache and Pain Clinic that I found any true relief. I have been in 10 rear-end car accidents over the yrs, and have had many explanations of WHY I was having headaches from various healthcare providers, but no long-lasting relief until I went there. Over the years I'd done primarily chiropractic, accupuncture and massage, which provided temporary relief, but in between I was miserable, as you are. Many sleepless nights and grumpy days. Years ago I took lots of Ibuprofen, and now have elevated glomular filtration rates (messed up kidney function) to show for it! This is itself is enough to give one a headache!

    Back to UW Headache Clinic: I was Dx'd with 2 types of headaches: Tension AND Migraine headaches. The good doc said the hardest thing for me was goitng to be how to determine the difference (and know which course of treatment to take). I'm taking a prophylactic med, topiramate, daily which keeps the migraines at bay and have imitrex to take at the onset of a migraine if I happen to get one due to any one of a variety of known "triggers". For the Tension headaches, I have exercises and Tizanidine, a muscle relaxant which is a lesser form of Flexeril which I take judiciously due to side-effects I don't like.

    I am doing much better but still struggle with triggers. such as staying away from florescent lights, loud noise, odors, smoke, extreme temps, anywhere I have to sit or stand for too long, etc.

    To help you in the here and now, have you tried ice packs on the back of your neck when you lie down? How about ice packs on your feet? It sounds weird, but it can help. Also, there is an herbal blend of butterbur & feverfew that has been deemed as effective as topiramate (according to my neuro in a Neuro Journal) at preventing migraines. I hope this helps.
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    almost constant headaches with little relief. I do have spinal stenosis and arthritis in my neck. I've tried the acupuncture and at first it seemed to help (needles in my neck and back) but after awhile it seemed to agrivate me more than help so I've stopped.

    A month ago I saw an integrative doctor who ran lots of lab tests. She's put me on biodentical hormones and also a detox pill. So far so pain level for FM has gone down to about a 2-3 as opposed to 7-9 for months and months. She said I basically had NO hormones left. I'm 68.

    As for the headaches I use one of those soft gel packs you keep in the freezer, slip it into a knee hi that I have sewn the sharp side of the velcro onto. Put this around my head and wear it and usually within 20 min. the headache is much relieves. I also put it around my neck to numb pain. I have 5 of those soft gels that I keep in the freezer.
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    Thanks for the input...I am going to have to try the feverfew herb mix, I have read about it and it's worth a try. It's been so cold that I haven't used ice lately, but did in warmer weather. Do use my heating pad a lot...all over!

    I did saliva hormone testing a few months ago and all was "normal" for pre menopause (I go several months without, then suddenly get a heavy period just when I think I'm not going to have anymore!)

    Yesterday I spent 3 hrs in the Dentist's chair and near the end of the visit I had a doozy of a headache. She grabbed my hand and did the accupressure thing and it did help, better than when I do it to myself. She told me she gets a lot of headaches too due to her profession etc and swears by Ibuprofen, taking it at the slightest hint of a headache. Who knows, everyone is different.

    I will order the herbs and GSE (used to take it, ran out Jam)...and again thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences. Love you guys!
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    It's been awhile...what dose, brand of GSE do you recommend? Lots of different types on the site I order from...hope you're feeling a bit better, but it's still COLD here....and I still have a headache, grrrrrr.

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    My DD and I both get migraines. Both of us used Excedrine Migraine, and it was the only thing we found that helped. She was getting Imitrex shots but had a horrible reaction to them.

    I definitely ended up with rebound headaches after taking OTC meds, although I was taking up to the recommended dosage for weeks on end to keep them under control. My doc said to get off of all migraine meds/OTC meds and just suffer through them for at least 2 weeks, then not take over a dose a day. It did help....I would at least have a couple days or up to a week without a migraine, instead of having them constantly.

    You might want to try that. No meds for 2 weeks, then try something and see if it helps. I know how debilitating migranes are, and how you're willing to try anything. Mine still last at least 2-3 days when I get them, but it's less than it use to be. Sure not fun lying in bed (if our heads allow it). I've sat up all night on the living room floor with my forehead leaning against the couch, and wishing I could jerk my head off and put it beside me.

    Wishing you luck, and let me know what works for you!