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    Do people with CFS have headaches regularly? I have a headache almost everyday and have been taking over the counter stuff.. mainly Tylenol, Motrin, and Excedrin. I've heard certain type/brand is better/harmful for you than others. I think it can be harmful if I take too many for too long. Can anyone comment on this or recommend a brand. Thank you.
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    I have been dealing with criminal headaches for 3 or 4 yrs. now. Before I was Dx with FMS I was in severe pain for 4 days at a time with head thumpers that made me do nothing but lay on the couch and pray. I tried all of the Over-the-counters and none did it. Vicoden was what my primary care physician gave me, and they seemed to trim it into a tolerable pain.
    Now I'm in on 320mgs. of Oxycontin a day and I still have these headaches, recently too! However, I take massive quatities of narcotic painkillers for my full=blowm FMS and the headaches seem to subside only with another daily dose of my scheduled painkillers. I sometimes wonder whether or not to tell my DR. that these are becoming unbearable, but I have learned that because of my high dosages of Oxycontin already, I'm not going to get anything else, and quite frankly, I'm not sure I want more narcotics, they zap me into a zombie state while they take hold in the cortex of my spine. It is a cruel world sometimes, but I pray, and suggest that more than anything else on this site, God never leaves me in pain for a long time after I take my medicine and ask for peace. He always comes my rescue. GOd be with you, I know how bad you feel. HAve you had an MRI? I did and it verified that I had something wrong, but the Fibro Dr. I saw, who I wasn't that thrilled with, after seeing all sorts of Docs, he said that's normal, but then again he had several rooms of patients waiting for him, like I had waited for almost 2 hours for a 15 min. lesson on how he understood how tough it was for me, but he didn't unlock any secret doors of treatment or coping skills, funny how he was the expert too, I have better luck with a psychiatrist who prescribes my pain drugs and seems to be much more compassionate. Good luck! We're all in this together. Peace, Nathan
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    I also struggle with headaches everyday. I have been seeing my doctor who is right now trying to get me regulated on beta blockers which are supposed to be the best thing in helping to relieve the frequency and intensity of migraines. I also have prescription migraine meds and vicoden when I can't deal with it. I would truly recommend you going in to discuss this with your doctor because there is relief out there. I waited soo long with mine. Years infact to be treated for them and now it is terrible to try and get a hold on them. I may have to begin seeing a neurologist if the new meds do not work. Just don't assume that this is something you should deal with because of the DD we must live with okay. As they say anything that is really something that is bothering you should be addressed to your Doctor. Good luck and I hope you find some relief.
    Another thing is a headache journal. Keep one for a week or two to see how they begin and when they are more intense and when they end. I had to do that for the Doc and he about died. Mine last four days with one day in between. He said no wonder you are fatigued trying to deal with this is unreal. Just a suggestion.