Constant Headaches, Pain and Fatigue....Is this "as good as it gets?"

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    I had several whip-lash type accidents in my late teens - early twenties. The headaches and pain have progressed over the last 18-20 yrs. The last 5 yrs I have been more and more fatigued also. The last year or so, the headaches are constant and a lot of times at a level that I can't work at my day job. So, I miss a lot of work (thank God for FMLA), but I am waiting to be fired or let go for some other reason. I feel very guilty when I miss work, but the fatigue, pain and now depression have me practically disabled. I have always worked so hard and felt so accomplished at what I I feel like a failure. I feel a lot of guilt over how my health issues have affected my kids' and husband's life. I have contemplated suicide many times -I just don't want to leave my family. Even though I have decided suicide is not the way for me, still the years of pain are yawning in front of me. I have already been in pain for almost 20 much more can I possibly take? Is this "as good as it gets?". Please help me with any advice regarding the pain and fatigue...esp. the headaches.
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    Welcome to the board.

    Well, I don't know what your specific problems are or what you've tried.

    I suggest you visit the boards at this site that deal w/ the problems you have. You may
    find some suggestions you will want to try. For example, taking vitamin D3 has
    lessened my depression. I only read about this modality 2 years ago.

    You may find once you are no longer working that you health improves. I recommend you
    consult an attorney who specializes in Soc Sec disability and one who handles Worker's
    compensation cases. Generally such consultations are w/o charge. The attorneys
    get paid from the proceeds if they actually win a award for you.

    Some posters report various supplements that help them w/ fatigue. I recently started using
    the vitamin B12 patch. It has not given me more energy, but it has also helped me depression.

    Hope you can find some things that help.

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    Your post caught my eye and I am in a very similar situation as you are and the only thing that gets me through this is knowing that God has a plan in all of this. I feel like a failure too. I am a single mom and have three kids. 15, 12, 11. I have been unemployeed since Sept. out of money, energy, and in constant pain. Please don't take your life. We may not know what it is, but he has a plan and we need to trust him. If you don't know Jesus try a few churchs near you. Try and find a support group. If you can't do that my church has a website that you can listen to on line Radiant Church .com. Pastor Lee's daughter has tried to commit suicide so you can see that depression and this unforgiving pain wears on all of us. Please lets chat. I will be praying for you and your family. Pray for me too.