constant pain/discomfort???????????????

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  1. mum6

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    I was wondering I have read so much that talks about flairs and how those times are so bad for someone with FM. What I'm wondering is can there also be pain/discomfort all the time, getting worse as the day goes on and gets really bad in the evenings. It seems that my problems are in daily cycles not over longer periods of time. Any imput would be appreciated.
  2. twinkles49

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    You have an excellent question!!
    My pain is daily. It never goes away. There are days where it is worse then other days. And there are times of days where it can be worse.

    When I get up out of bed I'm like this decrepit lady who looks and acts like she needs to be put out of her misery.
    As the day goes on I get a bit better and then the late afternoon comes and I'm in more pain. Then eve my pain goes down a bit. Then in the night the pain level goes up and down also.
    The pain is always worse when I'm trying to do chores and such. Sometimes it doesn't matter what I do.

    The flairs happen when I, for example, go to the coast for a couple of days. I love it so much over there. But it takes me about a week or two to get over my trip. It's almost like being punished for enjoying yourself for a bit.

    A flair for me is when my pain level gets out of contol, the weakness is more profound, I can't get as much done around the house. Have to lay down and rest more, ect.

    I have a niece who has fibro and she has many days where she does not have pain and then wham she is down for the count.

    There is no doubt that we all are different in our pain levels and what activities we can and cannot tolerate.
    I hope this this helps you.
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    I used to have "inactive" FM periods, where I would function pretty normally, aside from occasional exhaustion/ fatigue. Then, a flare meant that I would have active symptoms. As the years have progressed, I have found that my pain has "ramped up" a bit, where I have a daily, constant pain that fluctuates a little throughout the day; and a flare is just heightened, more intense, less variability throughout the day- with no respite.

    It's difficult, b/c I've had to sign on for long-term meds, and I have a hard time accepting that.

    There are lots of options, though.

    Good Luck
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    I've been ill for about 4 months. Its been wretched excruciating pain for 4 mos straight. I did have about a week and a half when my pain symptoms seemed to be a tiny bit better, unfortunately my neurological symptoms were so bad during that brief respite from pain that I finally had to go to the Er....

    I know that people have "flares"...that seems to be the common terminology. If I'm lucky I might have an hour or 2 waking in the day when I'm not gritting my teeth in pain...and my pain is not being "managed" by my doctor at all. I definitely need to be more insistant that I need some relief somehow from this pain. I keep waiting for the day when this pain is just suddenly going to "turn off" or at least ease up a bit. I just cannot stand it at this level for much longer. Its just turning me into a person I don't want to be.

    "Flares" as I've read about them don't seem to be an aspect of my condition unless a flare lasts 4 months.

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    is nearly a duplicate. And I have pain medication. If I didn't I'd be in major trouble ALL the time.
  6. nc_artist01

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    Me too!
    I always hurt.
    Sometimes is much worse. Sometimes a little better.
    But it's always there, and I always feel worse at night. Often running a fever at night.

    good luck
  7. Sheila1366

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    I hurt in the morning but most of the time it gets worse at night.It just gradually increases over the day.And it depends on if I have been on my feet alot r ran alot of errands.

    Sometimes I feel pretty good,and then I have this pain hit me and I think what is that?Then I remember I have FMS.I was just dx.Had a very bad flare.Every pain scares me and I am afraid that this could be a really bad flare that lasts for along time.

    I have yet to have a pain free day since June.That is when the biggest flare hit me.

    I am new to this.Maybe some others may have a better answer for you.