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    I usually post on the depression board but needed some support from all of you right now. I don't have CFS or FM- technically I have IBS but you could have fooled me. I live in constant pain. It is only in my stomach but I live daily waking up and going to sleep in pain. I've been to dozens of doctors & nothing stops the pain. I go to the ER about 1 time a year because the pain is so intense and the morphine even takes a while to kick in.

    I'm reaching my wits end right now. I can take it for a while but it is so frustrating. My boyfriend says I'm always sick and doesn't want to be around me when I am. I don't know how to handle it. I don't know what to do. I can't afford anymore tests- at least not to come back with "we have nothing." Please some advice would be greatly appreciated. I wish that a pain killer would even knock it out but it just doesn't anymore.
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    hi here2talk

    ibs can be very painful . when is the last time you saw a doctor?

    Have you been tested for fibro or cfs? Im not sure what to say. I think with this much stomach pain ongoing you do need to be seen.

    wishing you the best and tell bf he better hope he never gets sick what goes around comes around............

    edit your title to say ibs pain you might get more response.[This Message was Edited on 10/15/2008]
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    never been tested for cf or fibro- looking at symptoms fibro doesn't match. My bf is great but he's dealt with chronic sickness for years and just can't handle it anymore. I don't think you know how to react unless you've been through it yourself.
    I haven't been to a dr in a while because they kept saying they couldn't do anything else for me.
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    Have you been tested for Chrones Disease? (sp?) Does you gastro have any suggestions? Doctors sometimes only think inside the box. You may have to keep searching until you find one that doesn't.

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    Lots of things can cause constant pain in your stomach. As one poster suggested. Chrons. Also, celiacs disease, IBS, food allergies if they are severe enough, OR, a combination of these things, or other things I have not suggested. I can only imagine your frustration at getting tested and tested and coming up short and the expense of it. Morphine is bandaid and does not solve your problem.

    What happens during that once a year when you go to the ER? Did you eat something unusual? Were you particularly stressed?

    Keep a log or journal of what you are eating, your stress/depression levels and your pain levels and see if you notice a pattern. I know that's not a particularly fun thing to do, but if you can find a pattern to when your pain is the highest, you might be able to start getting a handle of what's causing the pain, or at least a doctor can. I would see a board-certified GI doc if you haven't already, and if they don't find anything, see an allergist who can test for food allergies. Make sure the GI doc tests for celiacs disease if you haven't been tested already; it's a very under-diagnoses condition.

    IBS can cause very severe pain. If you feel like you have been tested enough (what I call "guinea pig syndrome"), maybe it would be better to try something else. IBS doesn't show up on any test. You might want to see a counselor who can help you with relaxation techniques, such as biofeedback and meditation techniques. That can really calm your whole body down and calm your digestive system down. *Believe me I know this, as I have IBS also! Yoga or other gentle exercise can help also and also eating the right foods, like staying away from fried and spicy foods. I might try this before going through more tests. IBS can be pretty relentless.

    Hope this helps. So sorry you're going through this and hope it gets better.

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    I know that I carry stress in my stomache. There are times when I become aware of all the physical tension in that area and I have to work at getting everything to relax.
    Another thing is I pay attention to what I eat and make sure that

    1. I avoid cheese completly.
    2. Chew my food better.
    3. Avoid caffeine. (except for my tea lol)
    4. Avoid carbonated beverages. - major source of pain here!
    5. Cut back on the sugars - in all forms. READ THE LABEL!

    You might try a just warm heating pad on your lower belly area (NOT hot) while just relaxing and listening to soothing music or reading.
    Good luck and God Bless You. Let us know if you try any or all of this and how well it works for you.
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    I've been tested for all of the above. I've been to 3 specialists and 4 md's - i'm just frustrated with them because all the money for testing has gone down the drain. I've had a few colonoscopies, endoscopies, celiac testing, barium tests, oh and the list goes on and on. Not fun.
    I think I'm going to try the heating pack. I've always made fun of yoga, but you might be on to something since exercise just causes pain for me, maybe yoga will help & be a low impact exercise.

    Hearing all of your support helps. Any more advice is appreciated as well.
    Thanks guys
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    I can speak from experience, as I have been through alot with my husband and 4 young children. I have severe fibro, CFS & myofacial pain & migraines. Went through 3 1/2 years of 'your tests are fine.Mine began suddenly after post partum hemorhage. I do get IBS as well. Since my hubby couldn't 'see' my pain it was hard for him to understand. We got VERY distant, then I became soo sick I had to call him on it. I said, what do you want? I had to take him back to the person who endured 4 births with no pain meds! Superwoman at one point. Turns out there was a serious lack of support for him, as no one considered what he has had to experience. He was scared! Men deal with that in much different ways than woman. I have since learned coping mechanisms for pain, as was sensitive to many drugs & truely impaired by drugs you wouldn't think. I experienced what many had said, that fibro pain is different & no drugs are proven to help. Just having the support of the people immediately around me makes coping much easier, as I have much less guilt.
    Don't internalize, instead make an effort to understand anothers perspective. I've also learned that chronic pain sometimes causes one to take things more personally, something I thought I would never do.

    Interestingly for a bit my condition seriously had a negative affect on my pride & worth. I have since gained extreme confidence, as I have learned no one is above me. I have delt with things many never have to in thier lives. Good Luck, Laura
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    all your support is great- thank you. I guess I should explain I've had "ibs" or whatever it is for 20 years (I'm only 28.) I've had ups and downs, weight losses, weight gains- it all. I know my trigger foods and comfort foods but hate that I'm slightly throwing up right now, unable to move and very weak for no reason at all.

    I figured that all of you would understand it best & you all have great ideas and support- thank you. The pro-biotic sounds like a good idea. And I know its hard on the people we love & that's why I hide the pain as much as possible from those I love. I don't want to be a burden and know that there are times you have to suck it up and deal with it.

    The pain has gone from staying at a level 5 just in my stomach to extending to a level 6 in my entire body. This is how CF must feel, exhaustion, pain, headache & about once every 1/2 hour I vomit a little. I don't know how to stop that- I can somewhat take the pain in my stomach at least its neutralized but now its in my entire body
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    You got great supplement suggestions for the other posters. I just wanted to add that I very much agree! Probiotics and psyllium fiber tablets are a MUST for people with IBS. Some people find that digestive/pancreatic help and others (like me) don't. I'm very surprised that your docs didn't mention any of these supplements to you! Ask the doctor that you trust the most how many fiber tablets to take. Keep in mind that you should add fiber SLOWLY & GRADUALLY because the body needs to adjust to the additional fiber that it's getting.

    Also, just to reiterate, I HIGHLY recommend the yoga, stretching or some other very gentle exercise until you are feeling better. Keep in mind though that not all yoga stretches may feel good while your stomach hurts---some of the yoga poses are "funky", like downward facing dog for example. IE, if a pose doesn't feel right, don't do it. Find an exercise that you like and feels good for you. Tai chi is nice too.

    You didn't say if you've seen a counselor or therapist? They can help you with great breathing exercises like biofeedback and just help you reduce stress in general that activates your IBS. Just make sure you find someone you are compatible with; that makes a big difference. Feel better soon.

    All the best, Erika