Constant Palpitations

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bioman85, Feb 28, 2006.

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    Hey all, hope all is well,

    Several months after developing CFS, I started to feel my heart pumping through my chest. It did not coincide with anxiety or panic or any sort of stressor, and it also is not sporadic. It is a constant feeling of blood pounding through your veins. If I press my hand to certain areas of my body, I can feel the blood pounding through my veins. Shortly after this started, I noticed a definite weakening of the right side of my body. It is not drastic, but it is noticeable and some days it is worse than others.

    My doctor has put me through 2 ECGs but has found nothing wrong, and also a brain MRI. Does anyone else experience anything similar?
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    Yes, I had this too in the beginning and still have it on and off when I am in a flare or reacting to something. My doc says that it is because our HPA axis is screwed up and our Central Nervous system is very oversensitive and 'touchy' because of it.
    I was in a constant low level seizure state when I first got sick and he prescribed some things for that which incidentally helped the pounding and the arrythmia that I was also having. I was so worried that I had a problem with my heart that I went to a cardiologist but everything came up normal. I think that (and my doctor does too) because the pounding and the arrythmia are helped by the meds that calm the CNS, that means that the problem is coming from the Hypothalamus disorder not from the heart. Mine has gotten better as I have improved.
    I am on several medications but the ones that have helped the most I think are Xanax which calms the CNS, and a very general and low level beta blocker (Atenolol) taken on an as needed basis. I only take about a quarter to a half dose now and only when I am feeling pretty bad.
    You may also want to ask your doctor about inflammation as I had a friend once who had some sort of circulatory system inflammation and she talked of a pounding sensation.
    I hope you find something that helps. I know how uncomfortable and frightening this is. Been there, done that.

  3. bioman85

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    thanks for your replies everyone. I know it is affecting my circulation, because when it first started I would get the "tinglies" in my arms very easily if circulation was even mildly restricted. I haven't seen a cardiologist yet - that is my next step.


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