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    In the very last few days, something very new has started happening to me. I cant eat, and Im constantly sick to my stomach. I cant keep any thing down and Im constantly weak. Dont know if I should keep calling dr. about it cause ive already discussed it. Need a CFS dr. that would know what the heck is going on w me. I dont have one, just a pcp and i cant take it anymore. Like a different symptom every day and I dont know how much more I can take. Any ideas? Anyone?

    As it turns out; I DID indeed have a mild case of gastroenteritis (stomach flu). I ended up in the e.r. later that night. I was slightly dehydrated, and I did need i.v. fluids. It wasnt CFS related; and I have to remember that all of my illnesses arent always CFS related. Since I have been ill with this cfs, I always think that any time I get sick, its automatically related to the cfs. Anyway, I just wanted to say "thanx" to everyone that responded to me and wished me well. Thank you again![This Message was Edited on 07/16/2008]
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    Hi Tangie,

    That's aweful - and I've been there...

    First it is so important to keep fluids coming in - try Pedialyte unflavored or something that will provide electroltyes and some sugar if you are not eating...

    If you can't get fluids down you will need an IV - unfortunately at the ER.

    Do you have anything that can help settle your tummy - like ginger tea or for some pepermint tea helps.

    I hope you feel better soon...

    God Bless,


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    I tried that, Elisabeth. I went to the dr. and got the piadelyte and that didnt help. She gave me meds for nasuea which worked for a while, and then stopped. Now its been 3days since I ate any food and what I did eat is now gone. Ive thrown it up, just a sec. ago. Still feeling sick though. Dont know what to do; thinking about going to the hosp. for possible admission. I dont know. Waiting for dr to call me back. Thanks for the tea idea, will try anything to feel better now.
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    Unfortunately at this point you may be at the stage that you need to go to the hospital to at least get an IV to replenish fluids. At some point of losing fluids like that there comes a point where we just can't get enough into us by ourselves to help us get better.

    There is also a possibility that this problem is not CFS related. You may have contracted a virus or have another condition, don't rule that out completely.

    Personally, at this point I would probably go to the ER.
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    I agree you need to keep drinking fluids but at some point I agree you may need to go to the hospital ~ Is there someone that can drive you ?

    Do you have a fever?

    I hope you feel better, keep us posted when you can.

    take care, Susan
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    Have you considered the salmonella poisoning that has sickened over 1000 people in the U.S.?

    Just a thought to throw out there...