constant sore throat

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  1. princessmeeko

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    Hi everyone,
    Just needed to touch base with everyone. I am struggling with a constant sore throat (couple of years now )
    Its pretty much sore everyday, just some days are worse than others.
    I have seen an ENT doc who couldnt share any light at all. I also had a catscan to check for any nasties. Nothing.
    Just wondering does anyone else suffer from this.
    I am 8 years diagnosed, and the majority of the time I can function normally now. Just the odd days here and there bedridden now.
    Still live with back and neck pain daily but to be honest, I cant remember not feeling pain so its just the norm I guess. Any feedback would be appreciated.
    Thanks guys :)

  2. sues1

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    That is "normal" for most of us. I have been to the Dr. when my throat feels as if it had been scalded. I would feel so sure he would see it right away. He never did. I've asked for thoat cultures to be ran. They never showed anything either.
    Glands at side of neck, each side, under the ears also hurt.

    I gargle sometimes with warm salt water, that helps. Scents and also air currents and cold.......will make it worse.

    Sorry. I wish I could help and sure would love an answer also.

    Blessings and gentle hugs..........Susan
  3. hi all,

    my throat discomfort eased while im washing out my nasal passages with cold water,that has been boiled,gone cold,then is kept in my fridge,bottled.

    i have a sore throat now, but i remember that as i was washing my hair in the shower,some of my shampoo went into my nose and dripped down the back of my throat.

    so be very careful when washing your hair,dont get the water in your nose.i use vosene shampoo,but im thinking of maybe getting a baby shampoo instead.

    also make sure your tea/coffee isnt too hot when drinking it.

    also i think my toast scrapes the back of my throat at times,but i like my morning toast.

    i hope you feel better soon.maybe its a flare up, and will ease in a few days,mine does.

    also another thought i have.

    my daughter stinks the house out with her perfumes,son does with his deodorant and aftershave just so sensitive to these people and their perfumaries.

    ooohh bless us.

    love fran
  4. LuvQuilting

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    I've had throat problems for years now and it's my major issue besides the FM that is now PN (peripheral neuropathy) which I take neurontin for. We've (I) recently figured that the horrible throat pain is from inflammation which I have to have prednisone to get under control. 3 times now it has helped it go into remission for about a year even though the scratchiness is always there (dry throat maybe)? No Sjgrens either. When I'm in a flare I can actually push on the muscles at the top back of my throat and they're sore and tender.
  5. I have sore glands ALOT of the time. But wondering if you could have acid reflux, that can cause a sore throat withoout realizing it.

    I also have back and neck pain that is hard to deal with on a daily basis. Good luck and god bless you.
  6. mbofov

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    I used to have a near-constant sore throat. Throat cultures were always negative for strep, but occasionally I would get antibiotics, which would clear it up temporarily, so I knew it was bacterial in origin.

    My chiropractor (who does muscle testing) told me I had a low-grade strep infection, which explained why it didn't show up on the cultures, but it was enough to make me feel weak and sick.

    So if you can get your doctor to give you a script for strep throat, see if it helps, and if it does, you'll know what you're dealing with.

    I think it was colloidal silver which finally knocked it out. I had to take it for about a month, gargling with it and ingesting a couple of teaspoons a day. Afer that the sore throat went away for a few months, came back, I retreated and it's pretty much been gone since.

  7. margo60

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    I have had CFS/FM for around 15yrs...following a bout with Mono. For many years after that I had constant sore throat.

    Was wearing a scarf on my neck all the time, the warmth made it feel a little better and was protecting it from the air-conditioner.

    Now I still get sore throat if I over do and get too tired .. most of the time goes away after I rested.
    I don't even mention it to the Dr. anymore they never find anything.

    My theory is that with over doing and getting too tired our immune drops even more and the CFS virus gets more active ..
    I'm not sure about this, but it sure feels that way.

  8. marti_zavala

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    It is gone when I stay on acyclovir. I am on 1000mg per day and it is gone as is the fever, the fluish feeling, most of the cognitive dysfunction.

    Acyclovir is a very old drug and it is NOT LIKE Valcyte.

    Please consider it. It is an inexpensive drug and I couldn't live without it. I prefer Valtrex but it is hard for me to get from Dr.

    I am on it prophylactically (on it all the time) and it help so much - I would be more chair bound and bedridden without it.

    It could be bacterial (like low grade strep) but I am not comfortable taking long term antibiotics. You could ask your doctor for a trial dose of Valtrex (one weeks worth) to see if it helps. If it doesn't help, try a week of antiobiotic. That is the sure way to figure it out instead of a bunch of testing that may not show it.

  9. mbofov

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    Something someone else posted above reminded me of this.

    I used to get another type of sore throat, which I eventually learned was linked to a pantothenic acid deficiency. Pantothenic acid is crucial for adrenal health and helps you deal with stress. This sore throat would pop up when I was tired or stressed.

    So if your adrenals are stressed (as most of ours seem to be), you most likely need extra pantothenic acid. Also, along with this particular type of sore throat, my feet would hurt - the bottoms would feel like they were burning, and again I learned by accident (by stumbling across it in an old book by Adelle Davis) that this was another sign of pantothenic acid deficiency.

    So you may try some extra B vitamins and extra pantothenic acid on top of that.

  10. jasminetee

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    I use Echinacea tincture alone and then in cold season, with GoldenSeal and Astragulus. I like the Traditional Medicinals brand for their Throat Coat Syrup and lozenges as well. You can get all this online, though I buy my tintures from the health food stores. The pills of these probably won't work, it's got to be the liquid tincture; dark little bottles with the eye-dropper top.

    Another good thing for throats are Zinc-Vit C lozenges.

    I also use a throat spray and Silver spray from the health food store and Throat Coat Tea with honey when it's really bad that helps kill the bacteria. I use all of these products all of the time and they help, but they're a continual thing I have to use.