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    I have a constant sore throat & was told I have "silent acid reflux" by 2 doctors. I have tried protonix & prevacid. They help with my normal acid refux symptons but not the sore throat which I have had for almost 4 months now. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    If you have CSF ,this is a common problem ( one of the cheif complaints) of it . Were you checked for mono? Do you have a low grade fever these are signs of mono,and sometimes the first test can come back negative even when the antibodies are present. What does your throat feel like to could help in determining the cause,also any other symtoms that are new with this sore throat .There are many things that could be suggested ,but getting to the root of problem is your best bet.Kay
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    have you tried zinc sprey and benzidamine hcl(tantum tanflex)?
    besides ginger tea gargle could be usefull
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    I had this for the first 6 years or so of CFIDS, and now it comes back regularly, especially if I push myself too hard.

    If you've ever had strep throat, the CFIDS sore throat is just a milder version as far as it feels, but it lasts forever and so isn't fun! Is it that kind of pain? Another way to tell if it is CFIDS sore throat is to look at the back of your throat to see if you have the "Crimson Crescent," which was many years ago considered a possible diagnostic tool for CFIDS. It is pretty obvious if you can get some light to the back of your throat in front of a mirror.

    I would obviously also see a doc to r/o Mono or strep throat. You don't want to just go on suffering with this, especially if there's a treatment. I do also have GRD, but that sore throat seems very different to me- more like a burning.

    The only way I got rid of the constant sore throat was by becoming a vegetarian, and even when I eat dairy it seems to get a bit worse. To this day, however, it is a "first warning sign" that I have overtaxed myself- but it is nowhere near as bad as it was 14 years ago, and it isn't always there.

    Good luck!
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    Ok this is a bit of a rundown about my sore throat. I have posted a similar piece on some other message boards but this is the most up to date. It sounds like I have the same sort of sore throat. I started getting the symptoms about seventeen months ago. Before I go any further I have to say that I was diagnosed with CFS and Fibro about fifteen years ago and have had most of the symptoms that go with it, the constant sore throat seems to be the latest. When I got it I had the flu at the time so I thought it was from that when it was still sore a week or so later. I went off to the doctor and they gave me some antibiotics, that did no good so they did a swab of the throat to see if there was any bacteria there. All clear there, so they put me on another course of antibiotics but still no joy, in the end they sent me to an ENT, ears, nose and throat specialist. He checked down my throat to see if there were lumps to rule out cancer then after finding nothing sent me to a get a scan, a CT Scan where they inject you with a warm liquid and then slide you into a machine that takes x-rays, or something like that, of the area they are checking out. That was again to rule out any cancer. Nothing showed up and I still had know answer so I asked to see a second ENT specialist and after he examined me he said the other specialist was right that there was no cancer and he thought it was Post Nasal Drip. Well I have taken the product called "Fess" that is to spray up your nose for post nasal drip but again no joy. Since then I have been to two other doctors and they have not offered any other solutions either, it is so frustrating!!!!! I went to the third ENT in August and he said he felt I had Reflux even though I did not have the symptoms for it. He checked up my nose and down my throat with a camera and ruled out any lumps as far as cancer went. I go back to him this Wednesday for a follow up, nothings changed so it will be interesting to see what he suggests. Anyway the throat is still red and inflamed at the back and my voice goes hoarse when I talk to much so nothings changed. Just before I started having the throat problems I had some teeth extracted from the top and bottom of my right had side because I was getting pain there, my dentist said there was nothing wrong with the teeth but I said take them out because they were killing me. Anyway to cut the story short after they were taken out the pain,although a lot less, was still in my right hand jaw. I ended up going to a Oral Specialist and he said that the original pain in my teeth was not from the teeth but from fibro myalgia and myofascial pain, which is what I have had for the last fifteen years since I had a motor cycle accident. Now, as you know, when you are sitting there with your throat aching you try and think of things that could of caused it or be causing it. For me I am thinking maybe getting the teeth pulled out caused more damage to the jaw which in turn has irritated the throat. I am only clutching at straws but when you have this pain continuously what else can you do. Have you had any jaw problem? I have tried all the things in alternative medicine books for sore throats but still no relief. I have had some times when the pain is not as intense but it is still there, other than that it is full on and driving me up the wall. Well I am sorry if I went on but maybe if any of you guys recognise something that I am experiencing that you also are going through I would love to hear back from you with your thoughts and if you have had any luck with finding out what is causing yours.
    By the way, I would really appreciate some feed back from the person who wrote the peice talking about "Crimson Cresent", it seems like you have delt with this thing for a long time.