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    Does anyone else pee like a hundred times a day? Seriously I go to the bathroom at least 30 times a day! I have been checked for diabetes and it was negative. And my doctor said wow that is a lot! End of discussion. Does anyone have a solution or possible cause? This has been going on for years so it can't be fatal just inconvenient. I get up at least 6 times a nite to go. I stop all liquids a 6pm. Help! Thanks, Flibble
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    This is one of the symptoms of Fibro. I go at least 20 times daily. It is very inconvenient, and you should see our water bill! I should buy stock in the toilet paper companies! I have not found a solution, and I have had Fibro for almost 18 yrs. I also am very thirsty, and drink more than a gallon of water daily, which makes this problem worse.
    You could try Kegel exercises, and see if that will help you go longer between trips to the bathroom, but I have not found them helpful. You can do a websearch to find out about Kegels if interested, or you may already know if you were told to do them after childbirth.
    The drugs designed to treat this problem will only make you go about 2 times less daily, a mere drop in the bucket when you go as often as we do. Not worth the side effects and expense.
    I will follow this post to see if anyone does have a solution.
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    When I started taking magnesium it went away. I take about 900 mgs per day. Magnesium glycinate and aspertate
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    I too have this problem. I wish I had a miracle answer for this but i don't. I have been through urodynamics twice for this uggg. No fun. I was told it is due to the sympothetic nerves that run to the bladder that tell your bladder it is full and you have to go all the time. I have tried the meds and they are not worth the time and money. Infact it does the opposite for me. it makes me miserable because I feel I have to go all the time and I can't with the meds. My PT therapist has told me that my ab muscles are weak though and that if I could try to get them strengthened it might help the bladder.

    Sorry I don't have an answer for you but I understand your flustration on this. You should however see a Urologist if you haven't just to make sure everything is okay with your bladder though.
    Good luck okay.
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    I defintely go more than most people. I think it starts with the fact that I am thirsty all the time. (the title of this post is for real...It happens sometimes!) I know I drink roughly a gallon of water a day (when I travel I tend to not drink from the tap, so I actually know this is how much I drink based on the $ I spend on water!). I am more sweaty than most people too I think.

    They checked me for diabetes but it was also negative. It's in my family but I don't have it. I don't know how u manage to stop liquids at 6 bc I am so thirsty all the time - I'd wake up parched if I did that.

    You aren't taking in excess caffeine or any meds that would be diuretic as a side effect, are you? Dumb question, but you never know.

    Your case sounds worse than mine, and so I haven't actually done anything more medically other than just getting a diabetes test. However, I know I have been seeing commercials for a drug that is supposed to help this... I cant remember the name. Maybe someone else will know.

    I think the worst is waking up at night to pee because 1/2 the time I cant go back to bed... ugh
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    Before I was DX'd with Fibro I went to the urologist because my PCP thought I had kidney problems due to my constant back pain and my urologist put me on Detrol LA - it worked to slow down the bathroom trips but man, oh, man did it make me thirsty! I used it daily for about 3 weeks but that was enough. I still make trips to the loo but not as many - perhaps it slowed down the irritability???

    Now I Gotta Go Gotta Go Gotta Go...
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    It's heartening to see that others have this problem!

    I've had this since about 1996. I have been to many doctors including a urologist who did a test on me (cystoscopy?) and determined that my bladder is of a smaller size than most.

    However, this doesn't explain why I have episodes where the urge to pee comes within every 5 minutes or less and when I *do* void only a few drops come out.

    I'm going through one of these episodes now. Recently (end of May) I had to stay in the hospital for 5 days. On the 4th day I started to develop a dull pain in the left side of my derriere that has not left to this day (June 20) although it has considerably lessened.

    An episode of constant urinating seems to have accompanied this pain and I wonder if something is pressing on my bladder? My accupuncturist (after many other health practitioners were left scratching their heads as to what this phantom pain could be) said my pelvic muscle had gone into spasm and is giving me cranio-sacral treatment.

    An ultrasound was done and it showed I had a cyst on my right ovary. I also had a flexible sigmoidoscopy to check out my colon but there was no abnormality.

    Anyone else have any experience with this?
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    The first 13 months I had to pee every 15 minutes! (Really!) Then for some reason it mellowed a bit. I wish I knew why it changed so I could tell you all. (I still have to pee a lot, but not *near* as often.)
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    I'm confused! :)
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    of illness I read it as
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    I do tend to hold it more at work, just because I hate making the short trip to the restroom. But at home, I can go about 15 times------------about 7 before bed, and at its worst, I can wake up every hour on the hour just to pee. I am even awakened from dreams because of having to go. I'm miserable in the wintertime when I finally get warm but have to get up :)
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    has helped me with this. It's over-the-counter, for short term use. I do not have interstitial cystitis (for which cranberry capsules may be contraindicated) and follow up with longer term cranberry capsules.
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    Yes you could have interstitial cystitis. Do you have pain also? If it continues you should probably see a urologist. I have had IC for 16 years or so.
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    I was referred to a UK Specialist, Dr Gerken, she is based at the James Paget Hospital, lowestoft, Suffolk and holds surgeries in Peterborough and will soon hold them in Cambridge too. She is a member of a multidisciplinary team. Any UK patients being told by their GP's that no specialists exist, please take note.

    Anyhow, I'd suffered with constant urination for years. It was so bad that when my (now) husband organised a romantic day out at a Paul Weller Concert in Hyde Park, London - his intention being to propose marriage - I spent so long in the loo, and the queue for the loo, that he never found the moment and postponed asking me til the next opportunity!

    When I finally made it to see Dr Gerken, and told her howlong it had been going on, she said that the problem was the General Practitioners did not know what to ask to be tested for in the urine, and that there are very persistent, but very rare infections, that people like us get.

    She said she would arrange for my urine to be tested, if I ever got the problem again, in the meantime she recommended taking cranberry supplements - not as a juice but in pill form. I take 5000 mg cranberry 3 times a day and (touch wood) have not had the problem again unless I get really stressed. I do avoid fruit juices as they make my urine too acid.

    It could be that by stopping fluids you are aggravating matters. My acupuncturist said that if you drink less, your urine becomes very strong, and is then more prone to irritate your tubes. She recommended drinking MORE fluids, and although it takes a bit of getting used to, I did find that more fluids does actually seem to make you want to go less often, and when you do go, it is far more necessary - if you know what I mean.

    Finally, if you can possibly stand on your head, or raise your legs up against a wall or the side of the bed, and therefore shake up everything that is in your bladder every once in a while, apparently you are less prone to infection because some urine stays behind in a dip and gets stale. Again, this is not always practical, but worth a try if you are as desperate as I was.

    I hope this helps, I wish I could remember the name of the persistent infections, sorry, brain fade bad today.

    Sorry this is such a long post.
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    I've had fibro 25 years, and CFS 7 1/1 years, and I have the same problem, but it's been worse for about 6 months. Also when I feel my bladder is full, I tend to break out in a sweat and have this ill feeling come over me. It's the same feeling I get when I stand too long. Does anyone here do that? I think it's a sympathic nervous system thing.

    I too used to be up peeing during the night at less every hour, but since I was put on Remeron to help me sleep, I only get up once during the night to pee.

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    When I started my Tofranil (antidepressant) it solved this problem somewhat. I found this out by accident (no pun intended).

    I still have to go a fair amount, but nothing like before.

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    Well I always try to reply to posts on IC as I have it really badly, but someone has bumped this question that was posted in 2003!

    It really isn't fair to expect us to reply to 3 year old posts; we all have limited energy.
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    I didn't even noticed the date on this post before I replied. Oh well, too late now. Bet I be looking at the date from now on.

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    Sorry if I sounded rude. I didn't even notice the date on the post. It's my fault for not watching the dates. Your right it probably will help someone here. Thank you for trying to help other on the board. Sorry that we made you feel badly.