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  1. Peashock

    Peashock New Member

    Does anyone have the probem of constipation? Can anyone recommend anything that is helping them with this problem?

  2. teawah

    teawah New Member

    Have you tried taking ZMA? If you haven't heard of it, it is a combination of Zinc and magnesium acetate w/ a little B6. I started taking this a bout six months ago for sleep and low and behold, I sleep like a baby. Except for sometimes when I am in alot of stress or pain:)

    The reason I am telling you about this is that it also helps w/constipation. And nightmares. And Pain. Ok it's an overall freaking miracle in a bottle.

    I prefer to take the natural stuff most of the time if I can as the long term effects of all the meds being shoved down my throat scares the sh&& out of me. Although there are days like today that I wonder if it's all worth it.

    The store here sells ZMA. If you read the posts on it you will see that I am not the only one that swears by it. It seems to be helping alot of us. I only have to take 1/2 the dosage too and that helps cause like most everybody else, I am on a limited income.

    Hope everything comes out ok!! OK, that was cornie. Call it lack of sleep:)

    love, teawah
  3. LisaMay

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    is very helpful in this situation. I had this problem and it was very painful at times. My doc suggested fiber in food form - salads, green veggies, multi-grains, brown rice, etc. I also keep wheat germ around and put a heaping tablespoon over just about everything.

    You should mention it to your doc, just in case. Lisa
  4. jeniwren

    jeniwren New Member

    I recommend that you try stewed prunes. They're not very nice, in my opinion, but they work every time!

    Good Luck,

  5. epicurean

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    Juice,that is.Most of all don't forget WATER,WATE,WATER-very important
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  6. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Yummy prune juice!! Its not that bad! Its not a favorite but hey,it gets things moving! You can even warm it up and drink a small glass~ I've heard that this works faster.
    drink up!
  7. Dozzer

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    I take morphine sulfate so I am well acquainted with constipation and the many remedies that have been tried and failed for me. However, this one has done wonders and it's inexpensive and over-the-counter: buy a container of KONSYL (natural fiber supplement bulk forming laxative like metamucil only 10million times better) and a generic bottle of Cod Liver Oil (A & D Supplement 100% natural softgels). Take the KONSYL as indicated only do it three times a day if you are pretty backed up. I put it in my orange juice, stir well and can't even taste it. I also take 3 cod liver pills twice a day to try and get things going. You will have to experiment with the two meds and find what works for you. I take KONSYL every day (especially if I travel anywhere) along with the oil and if I have been regular, I just take each one a day. If you are taking it three times a day to start, one in a.m.,noon, and night should do the trick. This is the only thing that has helped me on a consistant basis and i can buy it at the drug store (KONSYL $20. 500 cod liver about $6). Good luck -- there's nothing worse. Smiles to you -- Dozzer
  8. judywhit

    judywhit New Member

    its true! also a very easy fix with many good benifits.
  9. PatPalmer

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    Till I had a problem digesting white bread and pasta.

    Cut them out and have my own home made museli cereal for breakfast with just about everything in you can imagine and replaced the white bread for wholemeal. Don`t touch pasta at all.

    I NEVER suffer from constipation now, it`s bliss.....

  10. healing

    healing New Member

    in case you don't want the other things in the ZMA. I take about 240 mgs for constipation; others need more. Remember MOM? = Milk of Magnesia. Very effective. Very cheap. Start slow, tho, because of course too much can cause diarrhea.
  11. teller7

    teller7 New Member

    For years I've had these problems. When the doctor discovered that I have diverticulosis he told me to take metamucil or citracel everyday. I took his advice and it helps me alot. I like citracel alot better because it doesn't give me gas like the other does. I take it every night whether I'm constipated or have diahrea. He said it works for both. And it does. It wouldn't hurt to try it.
  12. fuzzy14

    fuzzy14 New Member

    START AT 400 MG. AN KEEP ADD. 100 MG. aday until u get lose BM's then back off until u think u are normal
    an remember to take (esp.) female's to take cal. & phos. with mag other wise it does not do any GOOD !

    Let me know How things work out

  13. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    The very best I have found for constipation is a powdered form of Magnesium Citrate call; 'Natural Calm', it will work when all else fails.

    Most health food stores sell it, and they also have a web site.

    HOpe this helps.

    Most of the time my taking ZMA will keep me regular, but sometimes I need just a little more help, thats when I take the Natural Calm.

    Shalom, Shirl