*** Constipation..How do I get rid of it??***

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SherylD, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. SherylD

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    I am sooo bloated I can't take it!! I feel like I'm going to explode.. What works the best to get rid of it?? I don't want to spend all my time in the bathroom though..But I guess if I have to I will..


  2. hoodnanny

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  3. achy

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    Ahhh another side effect of many FM/Pain meds.

    Start with 250 mg of plain ol magnesium from the vitamin isle. Get a good brand - not the cheap stuff!!

    Give it a week...you can up it to 500 mg if needed.

    If it continues longer, than call the doc.

    no, i'm not a doctor, I just go to a lot of 'em!
  4. jakeg

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    Fiber Fiber Fiber is what my doc tells me start with a minimal dose of docolax(probably spelled wrong) then Fiber Fiber Fiber. Should be ok afterwards and it seems to work.

  5. PVLady

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    Ask your doctor for a prescription for Miralax. It is easy to take and works, and is not harsh. You mix a flavorless powder in apple juice or water.

    It works and is not habit forming.
  6. SherylD

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    I did a little dose of the milk of mag. last night..but I was afraid to do to much..I thought I could be up all night or something..

    I have never taken anything for it before and was wondering what to do..

    It seems all I do is eat fiber..I eat a ton of almonds..raw veggies..I make the shake with flax in it..

    I didn't know I was constipated til I went to the dr. and had some x-rays done.And it all showed up...I still go everyday..but I must not go enough huh..LOL

    Thanks alot!!
  7. rickblaine

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    I use MM too. Make sure you take enough. If you don't mind waiting a couple of days, take 1TBS each day until you get results. If you want quick (within 8 hrs) relief, 2 TBS. Besure you drink lots of water, tho I think Gatorade works better. Check you thyroid function...even if you are low normal consider supplementation esp if you have cold sensitivity, dry skin or other thyroid symptons. And a salad every day!


  8. Bunchy

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    It works but don't take too much at first - I did and I had the total opposite - not pleasant...LOL

    Good luck,

    Love Bunchy x
  9. deb06

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    I suffered for years with horrible bloating constipation and intense pain. I take herbal laxatives from puritans pride. They consist of stool softeners and fiber. I take the recommended dosage before bed and go first thing every morning. A dream come true. Puritans pride is a mail order place for all herbal supplements and very affordable. Please try it. Deb
  10. Lindy2

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    Stool Softeners (docusate sodium) works great. The name brand is called Colace but it's expensive.

    I purchase the walmart Equate brand because it works just as well and cost less than $5.00 a bottle.

    Stool softeners work by sending water from the body into the intestines, but it's not a laxative which is better.

    This is not addicting and the bottle reccommends to maintain a daily dose for maintenance.

    I struggled with constipation most of my life until I started taking this and even now I only use it when I feel I need to.

    P.S. Another poster mentioned prune juice which helps also.

    I hope this helps.

  11. SherylD

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    I have done the milk of mag. the last 2 nights and I think today I am feeling a little better..oh and I did eat some prunes..

    I'm still going to take a small dose tonight..

    Thanks so much for all your help..
  12. MamaR

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    I just went through this ....trying to find just the right thing.

    I went on flax oil capsules. I take 3- 1000 mg capsules a day. It works for me. I can sure tell if I miss a day!

  13. JLH

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    I also take 2 capsules of stool softeners nightly. I buy the Walmart brand of Colace--like someone else said.

    I also snack on yogurt covered raisins.

    I have always read that you could drink 8 oz. of warm prune juice at night and that helps. I know someone who buys the baby food bottles of prune juice instead of a big bottle of prune juice, that way she has individual servings of prune juice when she needs it and it is fresh.
  14. marw

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    I drink prune J. on an empty stomach about twice a week. I do it first thing when I get up, followed by glass of water. Can have coffee or tea, but no cream or sugar that would start the digestive juices in your stomach. This way the Prune J. goes straight through to the intestines and cleans you out in about 2 hours. After going a couple of times or 3, I eat to stop the action so I will not go into diarrhea. As soon as I eat, the prune j. stops it's work, and I will not get the D.
  15. gramaT

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    I notice no one mentioned this, but I bought a bottle of psyllium at the health food store and take two with a glass of water and it works. Its good for you and works within a day. Its just fiber and its in some shakes. I was bad but going well now! With the pain meds it happens but its good to stay cleaned out and cleansed well.

    Good luck!
    Carolyn in Illinois
  16. GwenGlo

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    My sister eats 5 prunes every morning and has eliminated her constipation problem.

    For myself, there is no known food that would do that for me.

    When I get to the 'exploding' stage I take stool softeners but if I take them every day they stop doing their 'thing'.

    I can't take laxatives no matter how mild it says they are because my bowel goes into a spasm, I get horrible pain, start fainting and a couple of other things.

    The constipation problem proves that we are not all the same.


  17. nanna4550

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    I used to take Magnesium 1000 mg and Vitamin C 500mg per night Start out with one pill of each, then just keep upping the amount until you get diarrhea, then back it off by one pill. Should keep you regular.
    Now I take Cymbalta. When the dose was 60 mg/day it caused worse constipation, but when I cut the dose down to 30mg now it is now causing diarrhea. So my one multi vitamin is all I take now.
    LOL, Nanna
  18. Lolalee

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    I have suffered from constipation for years and about 4 months ago I made some change in my diet that have eliminated the problem

    Every day I eat 1/2 to 1 cup oats, 1 - 2 raw apples, lots of water or green tea (at least 8 glasses). A lady at a health food store told me that to avoid constipation you must keep the colon lubricated, so I have added cod liver oil capsules daily.

    It is amazing.....problem solved. If I go without these items in my diet, I can tell immediately.
  19. Alyndra

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    Demerol does a WONDERFUL job of creating a digestive roadblock for me, but for a couple years now I've used Senakot when it gets unbearable.

    The bottle says for comfortable overnight relief, but for me it's done it's job within 2 hours.

    I've never tried anything else, though.

  20. tammy21

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    have plenty of fibre eg brown bread, bran flakes (for breakfast). and prunes do wonders.
    Hope this is some use to you.