Constipation &its link to esophageal spasms&difficulty swallowing

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    I have read several posts on this site in regards to problems with swallowing,reflux,indigestion,feelings of a lump in the throat,or that the food will not go down properly.In addition to at times severe esophageal spasms which cause nausea and an inability to eat.
    This can be related to constipation,candida,IBS and ineffective bowel elimination.If you have gone through all conventional tests and nothing abnormal shows are you having at least several bowel movements a day?

    From personal experience when first diagnosed with CFS/FM my gut became so bad I lost over 60 lbs due to the esophageal spasms,feeling as if I had a basketball at the bottom of my throat,upper part of my stomach,reflux,indigestion,bloating and severe gas.I had to chew my food into liquid just to get it down.All tests came up normal except candida and constipation.I was having BM's once every three days then.When I cleaned up my diet started eating primarily alkaline fibrous foods,began digestive enzymes,at least 10-12 glasses of H20 a day,started with fibrous intestinal bulking agents in which I could drink that were non irritaing to my GI tract and most importantly began taking a beneficial bacteria supplement,things started changing.The more I began to eliminate the better my stomach felt and all disturbing GI symptoms began to abate over time.There may be other causitive agents so be sure to get yourself checked out by your Dr.But in my cause all symptoms were directly related to constipation and candida.

    Hope this helps and best regards,
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    Can you tell me the names of the products you used? I don't think I "go" enough, and I do suffer from GERD. I always wondered if the two were related.
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    There are several keys to proper bowel elimination.Ample amounts of water at least 8-10 glasses a day,and if possible 1/2 our body weight in ounces daily.Try to drink water and liguids alone with no meals.For me the simple act of drinking liquids with meals did give me reflux.I know at times when I had reflux I would drink a glass or two of H20 at least a 30-45 min. after meals and it helped.Increase our fiber.There are many brands out there.I used Metamucil,psyllium husks,and soil based organisms from Natures Biotics for my bacteria balance.The Jarro here on this site works great too.And if you can,increase your bowel peristalsis strength by doing abdominal floor exercises or walking.I do not know the severity of your illness,nor know what foods you can tolerate or if you have candida.If no yeast fruit is imperative and fibrous veggies.And also try to go at a consistent time each day.

    Also flaxseed,debittered fenugreek,cascara sagrada work well for many.They can be powerful.Commercial brands Senokot which is a natural laxative from the senna herb enhances motility and Fybogel which is a bulking agent from ispagula husk work well too.Epsom salts work too as a laxative.Be careful though it can cause too much colon emptying and depending on how strong you are may not be indicated in your situation.I did not use any laxatives.Just used bulking agents(metamucil,psyllium husks),water,natures biotics,exercise and fibrous nutritious foods.

    Lastly if you have been throughly checked out by your Dr. and have no abnormalities these things in which I listed eliminated my IBS,constipation.Hopefully it will help you as well.

    Good luck,
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    thanks for the info, Jaster45!! I definitely need to drink more water and exercise. I'll check into everything else you mentioned, too. Thanks a bunch,
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    Good think about!
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    Hi thanks for the info. i too suffer from constipation regularly. about 1 time every 3 weeks i get a bout of bad diahrea for a day then its back to the same old not going for about 3 days. i will be checking into the candid thing i cant think of any other things i have been tested for everything else. thanks for the info kris
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    I wrote a few days ago about my problems with digestive disorder. I have an apt. with a gastro guy next week. Saw my regular doc today and he did an x ray of my abdomen and blood work to check liver and pancreas among other things. I'm praying everything comes back normal. If it does, you can be sure I will be following this protocal, along with things Klutzo suggested.........calcium citrate, lemon juice in water, and digestive enzymes. It is amazing how many of us have digestive problems. I am toying with going back to a raw diet, which I was on for about 4 months a year ago. It was the only thing that flattened out my bloated belly. I am also considering a major cleanse. It is Richard Schultz, the incruables program. Shirley, you had asked me to let you know what I find out, so I will keep infor posted.
    Thanks again for your information.

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    Thanks Jaster, for the information. So that`s my problem with the horrid esophogus spasms. That sure makes sense. Another mystery solved for me but the smart people on this board.