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    For those of you on pain meds and also have IBS, I have some tips on how to keep the bowels moving. First I drink alot of water all day long. I eat a really good fiber cereal or oatmeal every day. The biggest trick for me though has been dried appricots. I cant handle fruit like apples, oranges etc. Its too much acid on my stomach as I also have gastric reflux. So I decided to tried the dried fruits. I have no problem with them digestion wise or stomach wise. I eat the following dried fruits, appricots,cranberries, cherries, raisins, papya. I also mix them with some salted almonds,pistachios and other nuts. The salts and sweet together is great . you get your omega fats from the nuts. It keeps me going very regular to the bathroom. Try it I think you will be very pleased.
    hugs poodlemum
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    Thank you for the alternative. My doc gave me a med that is called something like 'Amizia'. So far, no good.

    I will try your method with the pill. It can only help.

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    hi all

    i smiled when i read the heading 'constipation' how very brave of you to discuss this subject,proud of you.

    i also have the same problem due to strong pain killers but i can tolerate all fruits,all pure fruit juices and every other natural 'worker' of the bowels lol nothing works me at all, not even a good curry which i am assured does the trick for most folk, you gotta laugh have nt you??? anyway i take senna in tablet form every night and this seems to help no end,not in any drastic form but in so far as i definitely 'go' at least 4-5 times a week which for me is marvelous. i take 2 tablets every night but if am having problems occasionally up that to 3-4 just for a few nights.
    keep up the good work folks

    take care