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    I am on a lot of psych meds and had no problem with constipation til the Neurontin. I've been taking Ultimate Cleanse-a multi herbal/mult fiber combo. It helped at first but since my doc increased the Neurontin to 900 mgs and the Klonopin to 3 mgs per day, it's not working anymore. I try to eat lots of fiber and drink lots of water. I'll look up the ZMA here and also try to increase my magnesium. I've never heard of that as a cure for constipation but I'm bgetting desperate. Thanks.
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    Before you add more drugs, try adding plain old magnesium supplements to your diet. 240 mg works for me, but others take much more. I take it at night and have relief the next day. It works for me -- all of the time! Start off with 240 mg and start adding 120 mgs until it works for you.
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    I cannot BEGIN to tell you to pain and agony I went through b4 my pain mgmt. doc prescribed Miralax!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was consti from pain meds...PCP WOULD NOT LISTEN...I, too, have a history of Crohn's Disease and now have IBS! NOTHING helped but Miralax...a scoop a day in a drink is all...didn't like it in water so put it in my morning cup of coffe or tea..don't even know it's there! :)

    Please DO NOT SUFFER like I did needlessly...

    Most Sincerely,
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    Hi Sarah,

    I too have been having problems with constipation and was turned on to "natural calm" it's a magnesium product that the folks on this board turned me on to. I just received it yesterday and started taking.
    Seems to be working fine so far.
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    Could use some help hjere...cant find Natural Calm anywhere...Where can you get it? I have CHRONIC constipation and even Miralax does not work for me, nothing does except M.O.M.....Had my colon scoped to and everything is okay!! Pammy