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    While I waited to see Dr. Rackoff this morning, the father of a patient inside came out annoyed she had asked him to wait outside. When his daughter came out, he had already asked that an ambulence be called so he could take her to the emergency room, he didnt like Dr. Rackoff, said she talked too much, asked too many questions and didnt want to hear much..I thought oh no, not another mistake...his daughter had been referred to the liver dept to a preeminent liver doc (I know him) and she told her father to chill, she wasnt going to the emergency room, Rackoff thought she might have hepatitis and should be checked ASAP--on the first visit.
    I went in with my folder of recent tests and doc visits.
    TOld her I'd been diagnosed with FM last July, didnt have bloodwork. She asked specific questions about pain areas, chills/fever (the first doc to EVER ask), asked if I had ever had broken bones,full physical exam, 9 tubes of blood taken (I fasted in case she needed to do bloodwork), urine, EKG. When everything is in, we will meet and discuss how to move forward. As far as she's concerned, we're starting from scratch. She took my folder into her office and went thru all my test results, scans, etc so she actually saw and could understand what I'm dealing with, another first.

    I dont know how this will follow up, but she has my full confidence and that is enough for now. She is most highly recommended. She listens, but because of her expertise and tight schedule, she prefers to sort out info in her own way with her own questions rather than hear rambling, something I do unless I perceive a doc truly focuses in right away, and she does. She did listen when I mentioned a few other issues, but covered everything with what I mentioned above.

    She is at BIMC/Philips division 14st Union Square, NYC, rhuematology Dept. I had to wait almost a month to get in, so be prepared.
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    If anyone is interested...I'm listing this stuff in case it helps anyone else besides mkaing me feel better with just talking out loud:)
    Had endoscopy due to ongoing stomach agonies. I have a gastro/surgeon who's been seeing me for 12 years and done surgery etc. He took biopsies Thursday and called today (Mon) to say there's a hernia he wont touch for now and alot of reflux. He's prescribing 2 meds and one OTC to calm things down, nothing psycho for now.
    Also made appt with my former family doc, all these docs are in same health center in NYC and via the computer system can actually pull up a patients records to view info. I haven't seen this family doc for 3 yrs because of being dragged to all new docs by ex husband. I hope he will take me back in and this way the Rhuematologist, Gastro and FAmily doc are all on one page. I see family doc Friday and if we're good to go, I will ask him to refer me to a psych at the center for an evaluation.
    Tell me if someone whose "on a tightrope and may not get thru this" can coordinate all this?
    I feel like a truck hit me I'm so fatigued and in pain, but the depression has lifted. But that's another thread...Blood Pressure meds I will post.
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    So relieved to hear you had a better experience than your visit on Sat.

    My rhuemy is the same..very little bedside manner, no chit chat...just very knowlegeble and straight forward. I hope your plan to get all your doc's working together work.

    You are truely a strong person...keep us updated...BTW, I got my second doctor to say yes to the disablity today and gave her the forms...but Allsup let me down. ( see my other post )

  4. Didoe

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    I really dont get the hype about ALLSUP, I think some members got lucky or had very straight forward cases. I got a form email from them and no followup.
    I wouldnt be concerned if I were you.
    I'm really thrilled to hear you've got 2 docs on board...
    justice for hope for the rest of us:)
    thanks for being here, I really mean that

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