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  1. Angie812

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    I've been wearing glasses for many years mostly for reading, but now I need them nearly all the time. I'm going soon to get my eyes checked and hopefully new prescription, but I am interested in maybe getting contacts. Just wanted to get some advice/feedback on whether or not to try them. Also, how does that work? I mean, do you order some for the month, year or what? I know that there are all different kinds, too. Do they have contacts for those who may need bifocals?

    I appreciate any feedback you all have.

  2. Khalyal

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    and I love them. I tried to wear them 6 or 7 years ago and they were awful, but they have been hugely improved since then.

    I did tell me doctor that I am not a ship's captain and do not need to see the horizon, and had him adjust them so that the difference between my upclose vision and far vision wasn't so huge. I see well enough, but not 20/20.

    Since I spend most of my life in cyberspace, it was most important to me to be able to see the computer screen, and secondarily to be able to drive. They seem to allow me to do exactly what I asked for.

    If your eyes are not TOO bad, they can also give you one lens for distance and one for up close. I tried that for a while and it worked until my eyes got worse. Then it made me dizzy.

    Good luck!
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    but now i have CFS my immune system is so damaged that i get a bad reaction to having them in my eyes. It's as if they are foreign bodies that need tears to wash them away.

    Here in the UK there are many systems for having lenses - you can buy one or more courses of disposable daily wear lenses, one or more courses of monthly wear lenses where you dispose of them after one month or a one off lens that is not disposable and you clean every day and wear them until they wear out. I would, however, advise you to try to find a practitioner who will give you a free trial in the first instance. Either that, or the shortest term contract you can get just in case you don't get on with them.

    They are available in standard vision, short or long-sightedness, bifocals and also for those with astigmatism (where the eye is shaped like an oval football instead of round like a baseball).

    Hope this is useful to you

  4. Angie812

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    Thanks, Clare!

    I have CFS also. Does that cause your eyes to be dry? Just curious.

    Well, I go to the eye dr. tomorrow, so I'm going to get an exam and then discuss all the options.

    Thanks again!
  5. disconcerted

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    I have had dry eyes for years and was told it was a symptom of under-active thyroid but since i have had CFS they have become worse. I have also got a really dry mouth all the time now. I don't know if dry eyes are a recognised symptom of CFS but i personally think there is a connection.

    How did you get on went you went to see about contacts?

  6. Mikie

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    It's called, monovision. The contact is for reading and I wear it in my right eye, the dominant eye. The brain eventually learns to accept only info from the right eye when I do close work or reading. The rest of the time, it accepts info from my left eye, the distance eye. When using something like the computer at middle distance, the brain uses info from both eyes. It's amazing how well it works but it's not as good as wearing my progressive lens glasses.

    I also tried the bifocal contacts years ago and they were horrible. I understand they are much improved but I haven't tried them again. Just wearing one contact is easier and cheaper for me.

    There are many kinds of contacts but I think most of us now wear the soft, disposable ones. Mine last from two weeks to a month and I just throw them away when the get too limp and no longer hold their shape. I buy six in a box for around $25.

    Good luck to you

    Love, Mikie
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    Wow, Mikie, that's pretty cool just using one contact. I went in last week for an eye exam and was told I needed bifocals. I suspected that. I got some new glasses with the progressive lenses. Those are kind of weird and I'm still trying to get used to them. I also got a trial pair of contacts that are also progressive. I like those a lot. Still trying to get used to putting them in/taking them out. I lost one of them yesterday, but they gave me a new one. They described the different strengths being in the contact like a bull's eye and your brain just adjusts to them somehow. They are easier for me to adjust than to the glasses so far.

    I have not noticed any dry eyes from CFIDS. They do feel a bit dry after wearing the contacts, but that's it.

    I am just elated that I can see again! I struggled for the last year with not being able to read even with my glasses, but couldn't afford to get new ones (still can't really).

    Thanks for all your comments and tips!
  8. Mikie

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    That the contacts are working for you. I have nearly perfect distance vision but my up-close vision blows. I do love my progressive glasses. They take some time to get used to but, in my case, work better than the monovision contact. I have a choice and that is important to me.

    Love, Mikie
  9. GApeach2

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    Yes, choices are very important! I'm going today for a check up with the contacts. I'm getting much better at putting them in and taking them out. My eyes feel dry, though. Not sure if it's from the contacts, but I'm going to ask.

    Thanks so much for your responses!

    Take care.
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    Oh yeah, I mean to tell you that I am Angie812. I tried changing my e-mail address and ended up having to get a new username. Oh well.

    So, GApeach2 is also Angie812. Sorry about that.
  11. monica33flowers

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    But my vision improved a couple of years ago and I no longer need to wear them!

    I just loved my contacts! At that time I wore the ones you would change monthly (before daily) and that really cut down on the irritation. If I had to have contacts again I would definitely use the daily ones. No cleaning --- no nothin'! Just toss, that is my kind of maintenance! LOL.
  12. Mikie

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    Need almost no maintenance. I just put them in, take them out, and fill the cup with saline solution. I have some drops which clean them but I seldom need to do that before it's time to throw them away. Being able to wear them for 2 weeks to a month make them very inexpensive.

    Love, Mikie