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    The last contact i had with my lawyr was july 2003. only talks to his assistance. is this normal? i am never told anything about my case unless i call and inquire.

    do i have a good representative or should i began looking for someone else?

    my financial situation is at zero status. really needs some input.

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    I received really good service from my lawyer. He called me back personally and spoke to me on the phone many times. He always kept me informed. He was there 110%. I dont know how others do it . You pay big bucks so you should get there attention when you need it.
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    First issue is your payment arrangement with him. If he is doing contingent work, or has he fees covered, then I would say say put what you just did here in a letter to him. Tell him that you have not heard from him since July 03, that you only hear from his assistant and not him, that you are frustrated about this and want to to discuss it with him. If he calls, then the two of you can talk about the lack of action and communication and what you can expect in the future. If it sounds reasonable and he follows through with what he agrees to do, great, stay with him. If he does not commit himself or does, but then fails to follow through, or if you don't hear back from him on the letter at all, get a new attorney right away. That is one thing our country is not short on . . .

    If you are paying him hourly, that is trickier, because the more of his time that is spent, the more that you are charged . . . Maybe still do the letter, but insist on getting a budget from him as to what he will spend.

    Good luck