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  1. Just wondering if there are people who both husband and wife have it?? JUst wondering how to keep a family together and money comming in.Was also wondering if people was always sick alot or just hit them one day .Like hubby never had alot of energy where I was always considered hyper and lots of energy.I guess no two cases are always alike.Ruthie
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    I have never heard of these diseases being contagious.
    However, I have read that some people have gotten their
    medical problems from Gulf War Illness, which would make it a contagious illness from airborne infectious agents.
    Kissing, etc.: I have not heard anything about it being contagious and I believe my doctor told me it is not.
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    Cause depression in the ones around them, so it may seem as if they are contagious, but mostly just wearisome.

    My DH is disabled from head trauma, son has autism, I have FM maybe Lupus(that one is on and off).

    Sometimes I think what it would be like to be just normal for a couple of days.

    We have a good life really, and count our blessings.

    Love Anne C
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    I don't believe that the condition itself is contagious, but that some of the viruses/infections that set it off in our system are ;)

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    You wanted to know if people were always sick or if it just hit them one day. If I think back to my life I have always been sick with allergies, low energy, migraines, other things at different times of my life. The CF hit me after I had a bout with mono about 16 years ago. I have had good times and bad times. It comes and goes. The worst part of CF lasted about 2 years. I have had major sinus problems for about a year now. Just can't shake it.