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    My mom and sister have me/cfs. I never thought it to be contagious until we started noticing a pattern of severe neurological symptoms after each visit with my sister (most recently diagnosed). The symptoms were almost identical to my sis and moms, and most severe in my immunosuppressed daughter (who has type 1 diabetes). Anyone else ever heard of this happening to another family personally?
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    Please read this article and note the 5th paragraph down that starts with "Anyone with chronic illness and especially those with chronic fatigue syndrome......"

    Then read this too:

    Many people who have been diagnosed with CFS or FM later found out that the actual cause of their symptoms was tick-borne diseases/infections such as Lyme, Bartonella, Babesia, and others.

    They can even be transmitted from mother to fetus.

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    Many of us with CFIDS/ME have more than one chronic infection. I also believe there is a genetic factor in our illnesses. We may be genetically predisposed and when an infection hits, our illnesses are triggered full blown.

    Many people with CFIDS/ME actually have Lyme Disease which is caused by a tic-borne bacterium.

    These infections often hide out from our immune systems. I don't think we can heal until we address them.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie