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  1. Betsy2

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    This may seem like a dumb question but I will ask anyway. If my Epstein-Barr is reactivated, is it contagious like mononucleosis? I am curious because I don't want to pass it to my significant other.
  2. Mikie

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    Good question. Any medical people out there who can answer this? My guess would be that when reactivated, any virus is communicable, but it's just a guess.

    Why not call the doc and ask? In the meantime, I would take some precautions.

    Love, Mikie
  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hope you get your answer.

    Love, Mikie
  4. carly710

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    To the best of my knowledge, if you test positive for Epstein Barr, it simply means that you havee already had momo, and you are then immune to that particular disease. What the medical profession hasn't proven yet, is whether or not a high titer (result) of the virus in your system can cause lingering effects, such as CFS. There has been no proof that the virus stays infectious to anyone you come in contact with. Hope this is some comfort to you.

  5. Betsy2

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    It was my understanding that Chronic Reoccurring Epstein Barr is CFS. I had mono when I was a child and I understood that the virus lies dormant and unlike most I continue to have reoccurrences of Epstein Barr. I always thought any virus was contagious but especially mono through drinking out of the same cup or kissing. Just a little confused now.

  6. dlizard

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    betcha the answer is no but I don't know that for a fact... and if you guys have been together for any length of time he most likely has it already anyway but maybe has a "good" immune system and didn't react..... isn't he healthy???? very good question though..... Good luck
  7. woppini

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    I too believe that EBV isnt necsessarly the cause of cfs. It might be in some people though. When i first started having symptoms, i was tested for everything under the sun. EBV titres came back normal. You can have antibodies for it, but that just means you have been exposed to it, not necessarly that you have had it (from what i have been told anyways) About 5 years into cfs, is when i cam down with mononucleosis. I havent really been the same since, fatigue seems a bit more strong, and i still have slight liver imbalances because of it- and that was about 3 years ago. Maybe i am wrong, but isnt EBV the test they use for mono? I know if you have mono steps must be taken from spreading to others.
  8. Mikie

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    Seems no one actually has the answer to your original question. Call your doc and let us know what s/he says.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I knew someone around here would have some info for us. Thanks again.

    Love, Mikie