Continually Falling Short, Can't Face this CFS?

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    Please help! This morning I shouted at my wonderful long-suffering partner cos he asked for a shirt which I had offered to iron for him last night and he said he didn't want. Such a small thing, but this is NOT me. I am so very tired of feeling like c*%p. I don't like what this is doing to me or the person I am becoming. This 'last straw' had me in tears all the way back from taking my equally long-suffering kids to school.
    I have been ill one way or another for two years. Feeling physically exhausted ('bone' weary)most of the time, especially first thing in the morning...probably because I could sleep for the Olympics. I have excrutiating headaches (which thankfully seem to be responding to Atenelol), severe flu-like aches and pains, dizziness, an odd feeling of my feet 'bouncing' on the floor if I overdo it, waking up drenched in perspiration, upset tummy, having to get up at least once a night to pee and a permanent brain fog. If my kids both talk to me at the same time it is like my brain shuts down and can't take it all in...I used to be a paediatric ITU nurse at Great Ormond Street for Heaven's sake...what is happening to me?
    When this all started, a friend who has ME told me that she thought that is what I have - but I didn't think so at the time.
    Instead, I went for an ENT consult and balance testing which showed that my balance system has been damaged. The specialist said his best guess is that is it viral and to just live with it. Dontcha just love to hear that? Cue more tears.
    I was also diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome last year.
    I have SO much that I want to do, I am building a website to sell Cross Stitch charts that I have designed, I have a drawer full of correspondence courses still to do, my house looks like a bombsite and if my ironing pile topples, we could all be in mortal danger...and yet just thinking about it all drains me.
    On a 'good' day, I try and catch up and then am wiped out for at least the next day - if not the rest of the week.
    I have a very light cleaning job in the evenings but I have to rest all afternoon to be able to go and do it.
    I have fought and fought against becoming miserable over all of this...cos I know that to any doctor, the symptoms could sound like depression...but hey - wouldn't they feel depressed putting up with feeling like this day after day?
    I am working up the courage to go and see my doctor but I had routine blood tests last year which all came back normal, so where would we go from here? Are there more specific tests that would show anything?
    Does this sound like CFS to you guys or am I just losing it?
    Please advise.....
    love and hugs to you all,

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    We don't like to "diagnose" anyone, not being MD's...
    But let's just say, you have all the symptoms that are common here, with CFS. As far as tests, you could test for the Epstien Barr Virus, or screen for a Stealth Micoplasma/type bacteria in cells- the latter recently being "treated" with low-dose anti-biotics.
    Anyway, I would suggest: Hang Around, Research, and Ask Questions! Then go back to your Dr. informed, and ask for the appropriate treatment. Sound good?
    So, Glad to have you with us, I hope you will find a bit of comfort in knowing you are not alone, or going slowly crazy all by yourself!!!
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    First of all, stop ironing!! :)
    What a waste of precious energy!
    Madelyn[This Message was Edited on 03/04/2003]
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    I'm going through that stage too, of wondering what is wrong, if its CFS or something else.I've just qualified as a social worker but cant work coz im just too ill.
    The advice I got from the guys here was to read up loads and go prepared to the doctors, there's loads of useful info on this site, and stuff relevant to england on ME sites.
    Next time I go to the GP I'm taking a list of all my symptoms (very similar to yours) and not settling for their usual brush off of "depression". Like you, all my blood tests came back normal, which in a way is even more annoying as I just want to know whats wrong.But this message board has alot of advice on other tests you can ask for, i'd really give it another go with your GP.
    But the most important thing i've learnt is to pace yourself, if you've got a busy day ahead try and rest the day before, and dont waste vital energy cleaning your house, Im sure your family would prefer to see you more happy/energetic than see their shirts ironed!
    Best of luck, Jane
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    Thanks so much for your quick replies! I will take your advice and read up as much as I can, especially re the tests....and I HAVE already given up ironing...hence the perilous pile (and probably why my darling Phil refused my offer to iron one measley shirt, cos he knows how exhausted I feel).
    I really appreciate you guys taking the time to leave messages. It does make a big difference feeling that other people DO actually understand how rotten this thing feels...
    love and hugs to you all,