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    I just wanted to say i hope every one that is interested in support will come to chat...its a great place to vent, share, be silly, find common ground...and every one is welcome. I think it might be easier to feel welcomed if the "rules" of chat are better know...lets face it...we all clicked the box saying we read it but did we???? i will do a quick run down of chat ettiquette and everyone feel free to add to this!

    -Its hard for most of us to read really tiny fonts so if u automatically raise ur font that is helpful...there is an AA above where the type box is and 18 or 20 is a good size to go to

    -Its polite to say hi and bye to those entereing and leaving...some days are faster than others and its no biggie if u miss someone but it is a nice thing to do

    -If someone is talking about a hard time or needs support ..either be supportive or u can go to another room like chit chat to have other discussions

    -There are all kinds of rooms at ph...most of us have overlapping symptoms and illnesses...lots of ppl from the dep room come to fibro and ppl w/ arth come to fibro...there is no need to ask someone to leave or to ask why they are in the wrong room...the site is welcome to all

    -Lately the site has been kicking ppl out for staying idle too long...u go idle when u dont talk for a few is impolite to be idle so u can copy and paste a transcript from the entire day. Thats why they are cracking down i think.

    Anyway...i dont mean to rant...i just want lots of ppl to come to chat and find the support and help they need there just like i did when i joined. HUGS!
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    Chat's a great pick-me-up when I'm feeling down. I liken it to walking into a room at a party with lots of people coming and going and many of them have the same illnesses I do. Some folks get rattled by all the coming and going but give it time and you get used to it.

    Chat's a great place with everyone! You don't have to worry if you can't keep up. You can hit the Up and Down Arrow Button at the top to stop it from scrolling and read what you've missed. It took me a long time to get the hang of the Chat room but now I really enjoy it. :)

    See ya in Chat!


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