controlling early morning headaches

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    First, figure out the source. There's lots of types of headaches and for lots of reasons. Triggers for us can be: rebounding from meds (usually, a sleep med or a pain med). Try 1/2 dosing at nighttime instead of a full dose, or completely stop one night to see if the headaches stop. Then, if your room is too warm, you will get a headache. Try sleeping with your body warm (electric blankets work)with cool air ... helps me. Then, if it is atrue migraine, perhaps caused by barometric pressure changes in the atmosphere...there's a score of meds that are specifically designed for true migraines.
    Think of fibro as an over sensitization of the nervous system, so we over react to outside stimuli. Sometimes, in the winter, when I go outside, I will get head pain too.
    In the spring, I get ear pain until the nerves in my ear get used to the cool air of spring time. I always wear a hat to protect my head and ears all winter...
    we are just over sensitive and not by choice or by fault. It is part of fibro and it's all about the nerves.
    Also, B vitamins are good for the nerves.
    If you get familiar with the source, then you can treat the symptom.
    Good luck everybody! I've been doing this for 15 years...and still surviving!!!!