Controversial Cortisol-Cure

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    Hi, I'm nearing the 20th anniversary of my accidental CFS "cure" when a doctor treated my severe asthma/bronchitis with a hydrocortisone shot and dose-pack of methylprednisolone. My 7-year CFS (which Doc was unaware of) had gotten progressively worse and I had actually given-up on ever feeling normal and healthy again. I woke up on day4 of heavy-duty "cortisol" treatment from the first normal, restful sleep in over 3 years with all these chronic symptoms completely gone: IBS, joint-pain/stiffness (neck&jaw), 24-hr. headache, constant insomnia, brain-fog, rapid heartbeat, Reynaud's phen., etc..
    If you're REALLY sick like I was, check your fasting blood-glucose level and if it's abnormally low, that indicates "non-reactive hypoglycemia," likely due to low cortisol. Endocrinologist William Jefferies was my mentor 20 years ago, and now Dr. Doyle is continuing his message on "safe uses of cortisol."
    Nutritional support is no-doubt helpful, but don't rule out the "stress-hormone" approach because it not only offers a logical explanation for many CFS-cases, but also a dramatic treatment option.