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    Last night was a good experience and I need to share with online friends..this is mostly about joint health and the Great Lakes Hydrosylate I'm now taking.

    Saw my 50 yr old daughter last night and her 17 yr old daugther who is a tournament tennis player and I KNOW she will be having her issues down the road....

    My daughter has a collapsed tendon in her right foot and I believe the GLH will help that too, and she does get good help with Anatabloc which works on reducing inflammation.. I had an extra can on hand and gave it to them to start on....certainly cannot hurt and can do good for them.

    Also gave them an education on taking MORE magnesium and gave them 2 bottles of LifeExtension mag that I really daughter was experiencing a bad muscle cramping at the restaurant and I had to do this. It all takes time to educate our loved ones and timing has to be right.

    They both take grape seed ex and my grandgirl does not skip a day as she did in the beginning....she said she had a flu but it was short lived this year. She also takes a digestive enzyme, EmergenC, multi and now the mag and hopefully they will get on the GLH, again timing......

    As they say in Science of Mind principles....when the student is ready the teacher will's all Timing in so much of life.

    My teacher appeared in my life in my early 50's.....keep healing all. jam
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    That is so neat that you are helping your daughter and granddaughter to achieve a healthier balance.....that you are teaching them something you have learned helps your life to help their lives. As they say, "Prevention is worth a pound of cure". Maybe if they begin early, they can avoid some of what we live with. Kudos for being a proactive parent and grandparent.

    Thank you for sharing.
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    Hi, as I see it, if one lives long enough, things CAN change as people do. Believe me, we've been thru it but time and healing has taken place and it's not over yet. This applies to all of Life.... jam
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    Jam - Glad your daughter and granddaughter seem to be benefitting from the supplements. Some have been helpful to me too, as you know. Haven't done anything yet about the GLG as yet. Have been to busy to think about it or order any.

    I know some of my girls are on supplements and I tell them what I take and what has benefitted me but as you know the timing has to be right for them to listen and use the information. The Mag. and GSE have been of most help but I have a list as do you all and DAR so not even going to try and mention.

    DAR - How is the Calms Forte ? I have been on generic Flexeril and 1/2 gen.Klonopin at bedtime. I had gone off it awhile but then went back to the Klonopin. Would like to get off it but just to much pain in the head and neck sometimes. Just curious if the Calms Forte helped you with sleep and relaxation ( probably some discomfort and pain).

    TTYAL !

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    Yes, Granni, I'm happy they are taking the supps they do, when I think back of the horrible pharma drugs my daughter got messed up on, I'm so happy now.....

    Calms works nicely, but I still take 1/4 to 1/2 mg melatonin and Inositol for sleep and finding the great lakes gelatin is even giving me better sleep....the amino acid Glycine is in the gelatin and glycine helps sleep. jam
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    More Good News from my daughter, she had her FIRST acupuncture treatment yesterday. There are NO ACCIDENTS in the universe..... She has been led to a yoga acupuncture center and participated in a Acupuncture Healing Circle yesterday for $36, early in the morning....and called to tell me how great she feels today and her foot which has tendon damage feels so much better....she will go again next week....

    I'd go to this circle too, but my mornings UGH....i move like a snail/turtle to do anything....maybe I can drum up the MOTIVATION to do this morning circle.....

    I've done acupuncture off and on for years and still do with my integrative rheumy.....I know everyone here would benefit with acupuncture....for healing, energy, all of it. jam
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    I just ordered some Glycine 1000mg caps, even thou I sleep pretty good, I could sleep better MAYBE.....many report Glycine supports better sleep.