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  1. ladybugmandy

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    hi all. i just called dr. ablashi. he is recovering from back surgery so he could not talk as long as usual.

    he said if i have not had significant improvement (70% or more) on antivirals by 6 months or so, the drugs are not helping.

    he said that taking them for years as dr. lerner's patients do will create resistance and is a bad idea (he cited some study regarding resistance)

    i asked about the montoya study and he said the markers montoya used (ie..antobodies) are not good markers to gauge progress. i think he prefers some kind of PCR.

    i asked why my RNase L activity dropped dramatically and he said he is not a believer in RNase L.

    i asked what he thinks of dr. lerner's 36-month study, which showed great improvement in his patients, but he said dr. lerner does not have much credibility.

    he recommended some immunomodulatory drugs but had another call and had to go.


  2. acer2000

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    So which immunomodulators did he suggest, and how do they decide which to use/how to track treatment?
  3. emmally

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    Every doctor is going to have their own opinion and every doctor is going to talk themselves up and talk smack about other doctors. That is just the way it is in any field of medicine and really in a lot of different sectors in life. You cant belive what he says about the 6 months becuase there are many many people who have gotten better after 6 months. Dont let that get you down and stop believing. You must stay postive and believe that it is going to work and it will..:)
  4. ladybugmandy

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    yes......its not bad enough we have to put up with this disease but there is a lot of backstabbing going on as well.

    i am indebted to dr. ablashi for being very helpful to me in the past and spending so much time on the phone with me...but this last conversation left a bad taste.

    it seemed that he was trying to discredit dr. lerner but at the same time, leave the option open for dr. montoya to be right. that's funny, because both doctors are using antivirals in pretty similar ways.
  5. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member i mentioned, we didn't have time to get into it but in the past, he has mentioned transfer factors and of course, ampligen.
  6. acer2000

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    so whats the deal with ampligen, they submitted to be approved right?
  7. mindblower

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    He's not backstabbing anyone, just seeing the writing on the wall regarding suspicious claims surrounding valcyte and HHV-6A in ME/CFS. He seemed to be very detached to the idea that there is any causal connection between this infection discovery of his and ME/CFS when I talked with him.

    I suspect he's like Dr Bell and Dr DeM, both of whom see little hope of HHV6-A being much more than a possible downstream infection activation that may happen in some with ME/CFS. He comes across as someone who wants to see if somehow HHV6-A is connected to causing some disease, whether this is ME/CFS, something else, or nothing at all, he doesn't care, wants only the truth.

    He seemed to appreciate my helping him and the HHV-6 foundation realize lipoceutical glutathione is an optimal in vitro(lab tube) suppressor of this infection when active. Many different glutathione enhancement treatments seem to be good immunomodulators and suppressors of the opportunistic infections that are a downstream component of ME/CFS pathology.

  8. jasminetee

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    I can understand how that made you feel but I also think that he was being truthful. I appreciate you posting his stances on things, it's interesting and helpful to see what he thinks as well. I know it's hard to keep optimistic about finding some help but I always admire your willingness to do so. At least now we have the Whittemore/Peterson Institute working on this. Somebody will find something soon for us I'm sure.

  9. ladybugmandy

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    do you know of a glutathione enhancement other than immunocal (denatured whey)?. i cannot stomach the stuff.

  10. acer2000

    acer2000 New Member


    Have you tried Rich's 5 supplements for the "methylation" treatment? That supposedly raises glutathione... Although despite the people who have been on it reporting results, I have yet to see someone post a "before and after" lab showing their glutathione actually went up. I didn't feel any different on the supps, but a lot of people seem to feel better.
  11. ladybugmandy

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    arosen......well the problem is.....dr. lerner won't let me take anything other than what he OK's....i did pay a lot for NAC pills and they are just sitting there.

    i am not sure if i should take them and not tell dr. lerner..

    with the undenatured whey....its kind of like maybe i wouldnt have to technically tell him.

  12. mindblower

    mindblower New Member

    " you know of a glutathione enhancement other than immunocal (denatured whey)?"

    1) The True Whey
    2) RenewPro
    3) You can also Google for other non-denatured whey types like these

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