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    Hi Pat. As you know I started taking OLE and had good results for starters. Ran out of them and had to wait for regional centre to get more in from Major City. They have arrived today but by now, and after Flu & Pnuemonia shots I have come down with "something". Very sore throat, cough, bringing up disgusting phlem through the night & early morn, very weak etc etc and have been just about spending all my time in bed or lying down. Saw Dr yesterday and he put me on Calvulin Duo which is Amoxylin and Potassium. They certainly made me feel a bit better for starters but right now I am feeling like I am rotten inside and nauseus. I don't undertand Herxing but maybe this is the internal fight with the bug I have. My question to you is, how long do you keep taking OLE or is it just a permanent thing once you start? I am going by train to see the rhuemy' in the big smoke on Friday if I am well enough. I will have the opportunity to purchase a supply of OLE down there so would like your opinion.Love Ozgran.
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    It`s great to hear from you, been wondering how you are getting on, and was going to post to you by end of week too.

    Really sorry to hear you are poorly, must be utterly exhausted. I wonder if the flu shots gave you this? My daughter was offered flu shots as a matter of course as she is on record with Asthma.
    But I figured her immune system might not cope so decided against it.

    We all however had a virus in January, which left my daughter 18 coughing tons of flem all day and my stepson 15 on the verge of Bronchitis.
    We too had run out of OLE and had to order on line in the end. Bought several bottles for back up.
    I found some Echinacea, and shovelled these down my stepsons throat along with Vit C & Multi Vits. Then the OLE arrived, hurrah, and within 3 days they were immensely better. I was amazed because my stepson had to have Antibiotics last time.
    My daughter still has a bit of a cough, but nothing like she was.

    Regards your question on how long you take it for. I would treat it as you would an Antibiotic, - only to do a job for as long as it needs. Depends on what you are treating.
    If it`s purely a cold or flu for instance, and well set in i`d say about 2-3 weeks. If caught at the beginning, 3-5 days.

    My daughter has Mycoplasma, and these can take some time to eradicate, so she will be on Olive leaf for at least 3 months.
    If taken all the time as a preventative, your system gets used to it and it never learns to do the job itself.

    If you want to take it long term, they suggest you have breaks for this reason.

    We meanwhile take all the supplements you can imagine to help the immune system and this seems to be working.

    I`m on the Olive leaf because I wondered if I had picked up my daughtrs Mycoplasma, but found an article with a list I fit and could be a Glandular problem. I haven`t had immune deficiency really so maybe I don`t need the OLE after all...

    I hope you feel better for your trip on Friday, would liked to have done it with you, I absolutely love train travel.

    Hope I have been of help, and chat again soon.

    Love Pat.

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    It is nearly time for me to go back to bed properly ( been lying on the sofa) so thought I would give the board a check before I did and was so pleased to read your reply.I too am wondering about the "shots". Have never reacted like this before but then I am very run down at present. I am not coughing as much and the throat is not as sore but I am so hot all the time and the "rotten inside" feeling really hits when I try to move. I have complained about that for a number of years and no one wants to listen so perhaps it is the myo'plasmas.I used to drink a lot of diet coke and every one told me that was why I had the rotten feeling but things haven't changed. I ALWAYS run very hot too so perhaps that is another indication. Can you tell me again of the other Vitamins you take.Great to "talk" to you again. Love Ozgran.
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    You`re off to bed and i`ve just got up and am off to work, thought i`d check and here you are. Aint this a great way of communicating...

    The supplements we have are, Acidophilus (cos of digestive problems) Been on that a month and feels much better already, though I still stay off the white bread and pasta, Wholemeal bread only now.

    The rest are:- Horse size...

    Multivitamins & Minerals (slow release)
    1000mg Vit C (slow release)
    Evening Primrose Oil
    Magnesium with calcium & Zinc (At night with milk)
    Ginko Biloba
    Ginseng (another to only have at intervals)
    ...and as you know OLE

    We are also starting on Flax Seed Oil today, it`s 1 teaspoon twice a day, - doesn`t taste too bad so quite tolerable.

    I must have been on the OLE for a month now and have to say I do have more inner energy, but still feel heavy and achy.
    I was on the go all day yesterday, and don`t feel too bad today for it. I slept very well last night(oh bliss) so that must`v made a difference.
    In fact I have slept better since I started taking the magnesium at night... Somethings working, even if it`s not my brain.

    Echinacea is said to increase & boost the white cells, though it works in a similar way to OLE too so was just wondering if it`s worth you asking at the shop if you can take both?
    You`ve got a war of your own going on right now, can you order by post from this place who sent the OLE ?
    The sooner you start the better really.

    Have to go now unfortunately, check in later.

    Love Pat
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    For Ozgran....
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    Thanks for your reply again. I really appreciate it. It is now 10.30am and I have just got up and put some washing on. Am so weak it is unbelievable . Only have a dry cough now but still the Herx or whatever it is that makes me feel rotten inside. I am determined to get to Melbourne on Friday to see this rheumy. My best friend is coming with me. She is a little older than me but was a nurse and is very supportive of me. Calls me her big sister. I'm younger than her but bigger!!!Is just disappointed that this has hit me as we had great plans for after my retirement and we haven't been able to do any of it.Would be nice to have had you here too to go on the train with me. We have to get a tram to the rheumy after we get to Melbourne but it is certainly easier than fighting traffic in the big smoke.
    I'll check all your sups' and see what I can get while I am in the city and will also let you know how I get on. Love Ozgran.
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    So sorry you are so bad, it`s hell.

    Wish you luck with the rhumy - Carmelite has just posted that hers was of no help whatsoever. Came away very upset poor love.
    I think you`re lucky if yours has knowledge or even an interest in CFS/FM.
    Glad you have company and back up for the trip though.
    Hope you have a better day today.

    Love Pat.
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    saw yr post and wanted to say hi.
    I am in western nsw, north of you.
    Hope things go well with yr visit to the rheumy.
    I am still to get to one.
    Dont know where to start looking.
    Let me know how u go and what he is like.
    Hope things get better for u soon.