#(*%&#*&$%!!& cookie baking

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Didoe, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. Didoe

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    chocolate crackle, peanut butter, frosted sugar cookies (candy canes, white choc dipped)

    I started at 8:30am because Thing 1 and Thing 2 woke me up demanding breakfast. It was so cold and snowy friday, I called in sick...I wouldnt make it trekking thru snow to subway, to office and then home again. So #1 Dummy spent 8-12 standing in kitchen, shuffling back and forth in a tiny NY kitchen baking dozens of cookies. I owe some people really big thank you's and cant afford expensive gifts, so i make fancy cookies and box those.

    Thing 1 and Thing 2 sat behind me on the tablecloth, warmed by a big lamp and the oven baking, watching #1Dummy slipping cookies in and out, cooling, frosting, packing. These guys are really amazing...they actually know when back off when they see me working...sitting at the computer is NOT taken seriously.

    by the time i stopped at 12:30pm to sip some coffee and take a bathroom break, I could not bend my knees I was so stiff. I get stiff now from being in one position too long. as long as I shift, move, its tolerable...as painful and exhausted as I always am, even lying too long in bed is freakin painful. I used to look forward to reading and being able to rest after a long day at work...there is very little rest now.

    doc prescribed Voltaren gel which seems to help. Its a specific pain med in gel form for arthritis in certain body areas (not back/spine), I just started using it, its every 4 hours and the doses are measured not just rubbed in.

    if i never bake another cookie...and if those weren't enuf, I moved on to banana cakes which are due to be frosted, then into my coffin for the night...the moon IS full isnt it?
  2. Debra49659

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    Too funny...my idea of baking consists of spooning premade cookie dough on a baking sheet. Or, if needed a box of those fancy oreos:)

  3. Didoe

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    my teeth grew cavities reading this...why haven't they made chocolate covered double 'stuff'ed ones?...i havent seen double stuffed for awhile. and i havent seen the mint filling ones either...WTF are they doing?

    that brings to mind Mars candy bars...Milky Way was once a nice sized bar for .50, now it double the price and you get two 'mini' bars, one to eat in 2 bites and one for the person staring and drooling...so neither of you wind of satisfied.

    i actually prefer baking to buying, not from being cheap, i dont like the taste of packaged baked goods. If i had more patience I'd learn candy making, conching chocolate...OMG, I've seen chocolates now flavored with chili peppers, curry...all sorts of strange tastes and very expensive.
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    Next yr., consider doing some of your kitchen work sitting down. I have fibro & arthritis. Even with a gel mat, more than an hour on my feet in the kitchen & I am toast.

    Shaping cookies, rolling balls, rolling in sugar, dropping batter onto baking sheets, and packing are good things to do while sitting down. Also frosting & sprinkling.

    Those topical NSAID gels are great. I use an RX compound, ketoprofen in DMSO. Great stuff.

    A warm epsom salt bath is a great help for those stiff, sore, over-baked muscles.

    Merry Christmas.
  5. Granniluvsu

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    I am really impressed with all that cookie baking and I am glad to hear that those Boos behavaed while you were doing your cookie duty. You are better than I. I use d to make cookies when the kids were little but not now, unless they are frozen or something too.

    I hope you get to feeling better after your hard work in the kitchen. I am sure your cookie recipients will appreciate your hard work.

    Have a great Christmas and hoildays and try and stay warm. Your weather sounds brutal as do many others on this board. Ours isn't very good either but I know it is not close to yours and many others, since I live in TX. It may be 20's early in the morning tomorrow but now snow or ice- or so they say.

    God bless,

  6. jmq

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    I thought I smelt something good coming in from the North! Mmmmmmm....I wish I was there to be your taster...or just lick the spoons :p

    It is a shame that it hurts so bad. I hope the people who get these delicious and pretty treasures, appreciate them!

    I hear you about the pain. I find the same happens with me since I have been on the Lyrica. I have more energy and do more...but when I stop, all hell breaks out. Pain is mainly in the feet , legs and lower back. Oh well....still love that extra energy.

    Get off your feet and get some rest my friend. Tell the boys hi for me