Cookie cake ....homemade?

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  1. The cookie co. makes delicious ones, so soft and fresh tasting. But when I tried making one it is more crisper. Has anyone had success making them at home?
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    This sounds wonderful! "Cookie Cake" first i've heard of it!,,,,,Would you mind sharing the recipie that you have for it? I know how to make really soft cookies ,,alot of it has to do with the Butter Flavor Crisco and the amount of time you mix it all togeather,,,,,,,,,,Sis
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    Just use the regular recipe on the back of chocolate chips.

    Then what I used to make the larger cookies are spring loaded pans. I have smaller ones (6" diameter) but a regular one for cheese cakes work great too. Make sure to use Pam or something in it, just to make sure the cookie releases in one piece.

    The secret to this and cakes is to wrap a wet towel around the outside of the pan. It should be soaked in cool water and then just safety pin it on. This allows the outside to not cook too fast so the whole cake/cookie bakes at the same temperature and rises the same height.

    Hope this help! Oh yeah, Wilton makes strips to go around the pans and they work great, but if you just want to try it out first, use an old towel to make your strips.

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    OK!,,,Now i get the idea! Thanks for the tips!,,,I'm definetly going to make one of these!,,,Can't help but think that a scoop of Vanilla ice cream would go with this cake perfectly after it's cooled down and then popped out of the pan -via the spring form!,,,,,,,,,yum!,,,Sis
  5. But won't a wet towel catch on fire while baking the cookie cake? I have never heard of doing that!
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    No, they don't burn before the baking is done. That is why you soak them first. If you aren't comfortable using towels, check out Wilton's baking supplies and they have great ones.