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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by achingbytch, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. achingbytch

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    Hello all
    I am relatively new here, so if I am posting a topic too sensitive, just say so. I thought from reading the threads and posts how we all spend our days 'coping' and just trying to stay alive and functioning.
    I am wondering how many of you started trying to 'survive' as children? Since my childhood I had to learn quickly how to cope with parental alcoholism, violence, emotional absence and finally being orphaned at 17. I've lost alot in my life and with the grace of god (certainly not the grace of many people i'm sorry to say) i worked thru college and have been able to hold a job. I feel like a war survivor and can't seem to lose the feeling of being chased by demons...its quite exhausting and I'm not young anymore.
    I'm not looking for group therapy...I wondering if the stress of being alive is not a fundamental issue that is common to all of us? I'm not saying the illness is mental, I'm saying the stress we've all lived thru may have completely blown our circuits....I know that's the case for me.
  2. achingbytch

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    HI SweetT
    Shows you how the brain is fried...i also spent years inside a 'religious' community after my father died. you know it was many years and a major factor in my life and so traumatic to live there and get out of there I think its one more thing I catalog into the black hole of my brain.
  3. SweetT

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    at my young age and even younger looks (most of the time) how I always say, "I'm sorry, my brain is fried" when the fibro fog creeps up and I cannot remember the point that I was making to a coworker, or how to answer a coworkers' procedural question.

    I know that my cognitive skills have suffered. I was in Honors/Accelerated classes as a teen and now I think that I'd have to be in slower classes if I were placed back in middle school now.
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    I grew up in an abusive household too. Alcoholic parents, abusive mother. She broke bones at times. I have often wondered if this had anything to do with my FM now. Sometimes I think that trauma definitely had something to do with the physical pain I am enduring now.

  5. achingbytch

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    If it was a matter of dumbing down maybe it wouldnt be so painful. Its the same brain, it just SHORT CIRCUITS, and these black holes appear where others have memories. My 'childhood' was so bizaare nad violent I can only recall very brief fragments. I watched my mother fade into premature was like a gift to her as painful as it was to watch for me. As she receeded mentally she became unaware of her body disintegrating with cancer. I'm fully aware of losing alot of my physical abilities, have m,ental fogginess but I can still fight to read and understand...god if that goes, I have no way to go on.
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    I am sure the stress you describe can lower your immune system and therefore make you more susceptible to these dds.

    I got some hynosis for a time. It helped me remember some of those "holes" in my memory and also helped me see the past in a different way, so I could process it in a way that was not harmful to me.

    There are many on the board who have had traumatic, abused childhoods, often leading into abusive relationships as adults (we can only practice what we've learned, for cryin' out loud).

    Just getting sick with one or both of these diseases makes some of our members more susceptible to abuse from close family, both physical and verbal, because we are so misunderstood because of the illnesses.

    Well, it doesn't make much difference why or how we got ill....we have to take each day and try to find ways to cope and take the best care of ourselves as possible, with whatever resources we have.

    We can't change the past, just how we think about it.

    There's always hope!
  7. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    and viruses supposedly thrive on stress. Not sure if it's the physical stress hormones or what.. but I've read that time and time again.

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