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    Hi all, I sure appreciate the combined wisdom avaialble on this board. My stress has been very high for several years due to a rocky relationship, giving up my precious home to be in that relationship, now being left alone to sell what had been a joint home. I've bought myself another home but its been a renovation nightmare and I've spent FIVE times over budget on it just to get it liveable. The joint place still has not sold and I am so tired of keeping it immaculate for potential buyers to march through. Due to fatigue and FM, my finances are at an all-time low and I'm so in debt. Now I'm facing a move with all the physical and emotional aspects involved. As if this wasn't all enough, I've met a wonderful man who is loving and supportive and accepts my health problems...but it's so hard to fit a new relationship into my life. I'm so fatigued and stressed. Does this mean I can't have a relationship? Seems a high price to pay. I am getting close to a crash. Any tips on keeping one's sanity? Anyone use anti-anxiety meds? I had several panic attacks two months ago; no reoccurrence but they were scary and I feel I'm in low-grade panic all the time. Is there any kind of afforable mind-body or other therapy that people find helpful?
    Any advice appreciated!
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    5-htp at bedtime helps me. Also in really hard times I take St. john's wort " tinture" also not long before bed.

    St. John's Wort tinture is fairly high in price but will go a little longer than the bottle looks like it will.

    I pray you'll get over this tough spot soon. fahan