Coping with CFS/FM and a sick child

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    I was going to ask for suggestions on how to care for my sick daughter as I am soooo ill with CFS/FM that I am bedridden much of the day,,,,but, I guess the answer is,,,you just do it. I am a single mother and she needs me more than ever now.

    She has been vomiting for 4 days and has severe, sharp pains in the lower abdomen. Took her to the doc on Tuesday and she was dehydrated and put on IV solutions and antibiotic for elevated WBC and bacterial infection called PID. It's almost the end of the school year and she's been out all week. We have an appointment in an hour and I fear (or maybe it's the best thing) that she will be admitted to the hospital.

    Last October she was diagnosed with mono,,,had a positive mono spot and elevated EBV. She doesn't really seem to have recovered from it. She's caught every cold and bug that's come along, had multiple ear infections and now this. A part of me wonders if she's not showing early signs of CFS or maybe has a compromised immune system due to the mono.

    I am soooo fatigued with the late nights and worrying about her as well as more FM pain probably due to stress and lack of sleep. She is, however, the most precious thing in my life and I must muster the strength to get her through this.

    She has had a healthy life up until this year which is about a year after I awoke with CFS. Is anyone else seeing their kids being sicker in conjunction with your illness? Just curious. Best of luck to all,,,wish us luck. Tulip
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    So sorry she is not feeling well. It is hard when you don't feel good and your child doesn't either. My son is chronically ill and it is a challenge. Will be saying a prayer for you both. -Karen
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    I really do know how hard this is. I'm severely affected and at 14 years of age my son became very ill, virtually bedridden a lot of the time, then a slow up and down improvement over many years. Like you I was a single parent so it was dammed hard, at times I would just wonder if I could get through it all.

    Then there was the guilt thing on both sides. Me not feeling I was doing as good a job of it all as I could have done. My son feeling guilty at being so ill and knowing, despite my reassurances to the contrary, that I really wasn't coping very well at all.

    It was hell at times, I'm sure you feel similarly. But we did get through it and have a relationship that many others envy. We're close like good friends but make no emotional demands upon one another. There's a mutual respect that I know will go on whilst we are both alive.

    There was one upside too. On the occassions my son could act like a typical adolescent he did so big time, he had to make up for all those times he'd missed. Well other parents would complain like mad about their offspring's behaviour, me I just loved it, it was such a joy to see him being "normal". So whilst they were stressed it had the opposite effect upon me.

    Thinking of you

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    Thanks to all for the kind words,,,it's 8 hours later and we are finally home. They ended up sending her to the ER for IV solutions again as she was dehydrated and gave her something for the vomiting. We now have new antibiotics that will hopefully not make her nauseated. I ran the positive mono thing and the fact that she has been sick so much this year by the family doc and the ER doc and both basically said, sounds like she's just having a bad year. Hhmmmmm, hope their right. Whew,,,what a day, need to crash. Wishing everyone the best. Tulip