Coping with Pain

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    Coping with Pain .......

    By Ingrid Schaefer Sprague

    Living with pain is never easy. Even when sufficiently treated with medication, breakthrough pain can occur even on suitable drugs.

    The following are tips to cope with pain when it occurs:

    * Learn to use self-hypnosis techniques to rest, concentrate, and let go of pain

    * Participate in biofeedback sessions

    * Consider using alternative medicine techniques, such as acupuncture, cupping, spa treatments, and massage

    * Ask your physician what level of exercise would be appropriate for you

    * Find out whether manipulation by a chiropractor is suitable for you;

    * Keep a journal to track your pain throughout the day; discover what times of day affect you most or what activities, then adjust your day accordingly

    * Find an activity to preoccupy your thoughts when FM pain occurs, such as knitting or a musical instrument

    * Participate in counseling to learn relaxation techniques and coping strategies

    * Learn more about nutritional supplements and, if not contraindicated by other medications by your physician, consider their use

    Source: NFA newsletter
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