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    Hey, I read your post about a med you take that helped your bladder spasms. What was it? Did you also have the problem of feeling like you had to go, the urge and sometimes not needing to?
    Thanks Kimberly
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    I take Detrol (tolterodine) for the spasms. Due to nerve damage, my brain gets VERY few messages from my bladder! Mores the pity. I might pee like a race horse, having had no indication my bladder was even full. I sometimes have difficulty completely emptying my bladder (since I can't tell!). Slow leaks are common, as well as full blown "accidents". For someone who was toilet trained before my first birthday, this has led to some HIGHLY embarrassing moments! Well, mostly I just laugh about all the weird (and painful) situations this old bod gets me into these days. What to do - whining and complaining sure haven't changed things, except to feel WORSE about everything that's going on!

    Good luck,
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    Thanks copper!