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    I was recently diganosed with a copper deficiency and I was wondering if anyone else out there with CFIDS or FM also has a copper deficiency. (My copper was tested by a hair loss specialist/dermatologist I went to.. supposedly it contributes to hair loss). I did tons of research online and read about "Copper deficient anemia" which sounds like what I am experiencing (my iron and ferritin are low too). According to all my doctors this is pretty rare.

    I was just wondering if anyone else has a copper deficiency and what supplements you take for it. Right now I am taking 3mg Copper Bisglycinate in addition to the 2mg of Cupric Sulfate that is in my multivitamin. (The Copper Bislycinate were the ONLY copper pills I could find.. I had to call several pharmacies and vitamin stores and no one had copper pills.. they had to special order them.) I am wondering if another form of copper is superior.

    ANY info on this is much appreciated! Thank you! :)
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    No offense, really, but weren't you just talking about not bumping posts?

    Your post would have made a well worded original post.

    It can be so confusing to people who are in pain and having difficulty processing. I guess that could be said even on a good day and on any board.

    2104 had a great idea about just putting the URL to the original post.

    This is not as bad as some I have seen so I am not talking about you specifically and I have bumped threads but I don't think any that are three years old. Again, this thread does not do that.


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    Great idea!!!


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