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    Please help me and the hundreds of thousands like me. I have an often
    ridiculed disease called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia. For the past 22
    I have watched life pass me by. It is a misunderstood illness with
    sympoms. The most debilitating symptom is the exhaustion and pain that gets
    into the bones and muscles of your body. There are numerous symptoms
    no test to even determine what is causing your syptoms. I became ill
    this when I was just 19 years old. Over the course of the past 22
    I have become sicker and sicker. I am bedridden most days. The
    tasks, such as brushing your teeth can tire you out. When my children
    were small I would sometimes have to crawl just to diaper them. One of
    the worst things about the terrible disease is the lack of knowledge
    understanding that is present in the medical community. What people
    for granted everyday, such as walking, working, or doing simplest tasks
    sometimes overwelming. The lack of funding for the terrible disease is
    disgrace. I have been ridiculed by some "doctors" that think this is
    in our heads. This disease is one of the most debilitating if not the
    most debilitating illnesses there are. The difference in this disease
    the thousands of other illness is (1) we do not know what causes it (2)
    have no way of knowing if it can be spread (3) there is no way to
    it (4) it is not even acknowledged to be real by some (5) there is no
    medicine for it, I could go on and on. My 70 year old father who has
    multiple heart attacks, stroke, cancer funtions way better than I do. I
    just 41 years old. What is my life going to be like ten years from
    Please do not let me spend the last half of my life as I have spent the
    first half. WE are begging you to help finance research for the disease.

    I am now going to have this hand delivered to President Bush and the representatives in my state. It will cost just 4.95 per letter. I am going to try to get signatures from everyone in my community. If we could all do this it would be great. If you cannot afford to pay for the hand delivery, just go to and email your own letter to your representatives and the president for free. It is very easy to do.



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