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    Hello everyone..

    Today i went to pick up a multi vitamin to take daily and COq10 for energy/fatigue and magnesium for pain...In FM patients i was told to take up too 900mg of Magnesium with calcium is a must so i take milk with it each time i take a capsule, and 200 mg of the coq10...anyone else taking this and seeing benefits?? im hoping that taking these that i will see a good result...Im tired of being TIRED AND HAVING THIS BRAIN FOG!!! thanks everyone....take care

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    Hi Julie!

    I also take CO-Q10 for energy and memory and MSM as well. I ran out of both of them for 2 days and noticed that I felt more fatigue and pain just a day without them! I only take magnesium that is in my multivitamen so not sure how the magnesium works alone. Speaking of brain fog though, I just started taking Fish Oil vitamens and within 2 weels my fibro fog and my memory is getting much better, I am so excited about this as I have suffered for 12 years with the memory problems and brain fog! I also have trouble with "word finding" skills, focusing and concentrating on tasks that require time. Well, the Fish Oil is helping with those symptoms as well!! BTW, what does all of the extra magnesium help with, brain fog?

    Good luck and I hope you get many replies,
    Another Julie :)
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    Hi Julie :) I currently take CoQ10 200 mg's everyday. Very expensive supplement by the way, but well worth it. I was taking magnesium oxide for a while, but the tablets were very hard for me to swallow and I also found out that Magnesium Oxide is the least absorbed magnesium out there.

    I recently purchased another brand of magnesium that was recommened on this board. It is from Swanson vitamin company and the type of magnesium is Glycinate which is supposed to be much better absorbed.

    The problem with this supplement is that it only comes in 133 milligram capsules, so to get 400 milligrams, I will have to take three capsules a day, not really a big deal, but I take so many supplements that I was hoping that I could just take 2 a day.

    I am going to try the same combination of CoQ10 and Magnesium as you are. I do not take calcium because I really do get enough dairy products and I was told not to take more than 600 milligrams of calcium a day, so I will skip the calcium for now.

    900 milligrams of magnesium seems a little high, so if I were you, I would start with only about 500 milligrams and work your way up.

    I too have brain fog, and the CoQ10 doesn't seem to help with that............but it does help with energy. If I don't take my CoQ10 for a few days, I really really notice I don't have as much energy, so that one is important for me.

    I think the two together is great for fibro, you just have to find the "right" magnesium for you. Some of them will cause diarrhea or maybe even a little cramping if you take the wrong kind or too much soo soon, as far as the CoQ10 200 milligrams is what is recommened nowadays by naturpaths and holistic medicine. Cardinologists are now recommeneding CoQ10 for their heart patients. My mom takes 100 milligrams a day and she is 82, she loves it.

    Good luck and let us know how you feel. I would give BOTH of these supplements at least 1 month in your system to see how it works. You should know by then if it's right for you. Hugs, Chelz.
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    Grapeseed good for brain fog??? thats what im having alot of...and its causing me to be tired and not do anything......

    Hope everyone is well...:)
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    check out dr myhill for q10 and magnesium etc for the mitochondrial function drs bell cheney myhill and john maclaren howard are all interested in the mitochondrial function

    this is i believe the problem with post exertional brain fog and energy

    mitochondria can be blocked by viral and chemical exposure so worth treating your body and environment as a temple getting rid of any chemicals in your house soaps to cleaning products must be natural

    i also use mellissa otherwise known as lemon balm, a potent anti viral however always seek the advise of a medical herbalist and herbs are drugs so check with your doc that no medicines will clash or react together

    do your research lemon balm works on the central nervous system as well

    remember to pace rest til you feel a bit better then rest a bit more before you do anything so you allow your body to use that energy to heal

    the really important thing is to sleep well dr jacob t in fatigued to fantastic shows some really good herbal meds you can take as well as script drugs

    its a whole body treatment you need sleep anti virals get rid of chemicals and support your mitochondria which is what th q10 is doing for you it needs magnesium

    again dr jacob t s book gives you info on this,

    a good b vit including niacinamide and b12 is really important too

    good luck its a slow process keep at it

    also cut out wheat from your diet this works wonders for many if you have stomach probems then consider cutting out various foods such as dairy as see which are upsetting your stomach