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    I'm not the person to ask because fibro is only a minor symptom for me. However.....yes, the Co Q10 lessened my symptoms substantially. I noticed that on my own, and verified by going off and then on again. I later read that CoQ10 is helpful for this.

    I've generally taken 30-60 mg per day. I don't know how much you'd take for severe fibro. One place I read "as much as you can afford." I suppose that means, until extra doesn't help any more.
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    I have been on it for several months....100mg but just upped to 200mg per Dr. teitlebaum. His recommended brand was actually less than what my doc had rec. so I will try upping it. I think it is helping. My skin looks great after spending a summer at the beach. Must be doing something!
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    I have been taking CoQ10 for 13 years, but not for fibro - I take it for CFIDS. It give me enough energy to walk in my house, from room to room. Without it I would be almost bedridden.

    My dotor prescribed it for me in 1993. It's the one thing I can't do without. I take 100 mg.,three times a day.

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