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    Has anybody tried this and had a significant change in pain,( tender point) and the weakness you feel.
  2. IanH

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    If you want to take CoQ10 I recommend:
    200mg twice daily for three to four weeks, followed by 120mg (or 100mg) twice daily. (ubiquinol can be more effective than ubiquinone and you can drop the dose to 100mg twice daily, but both are effective)
    Creatine 2grams twice daily
    Vitamin B12 sublingual 1000mcg twice daily

    optional but of value:

    ribose 1 gram twice daily
    vitamin D3 5000Iu daily
    calcium citrate 500mg daily
    magnesium citrate (or any chelate) 200mg twice daily
    potassium (any form) 200mg twice daily
    zinc 12.5 mg twice daily (or 25mg once daily)

    also of value:
    EPA/DHA omega 3 oil

    We have used used this formulation successfully for over a year now.

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