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  1. catalina

    catalina New Member

    Has anyone tried CoenzymeQ10 supplements for FM and CFS?
    If so, what dosage, and any good results?
  2. Plantscaper

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    I have not found the capsules to be that effective, and maybe, the reason is that I am not assimilating into my body..According to Dr. Cheney, only the liquid form is readily absorbed, and at this point, I have not been able to find it that way...

    I think I have read on this board that some people with take it with NADH and they think it is more effecive with the two mixed together..

    Hope you find some good answers,
  3. Tibbiecow

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    But I remember an ad for it at another website. This website has co Q10 in liquid form advertised. the website is called About and I was at the headache forum. I hope if you want ot find it, you can from this. They are stating that they have a study showing that Co Q10 can reduce migraine by 55% or some such figure. I think it is worth looking into for myself but for now I need to make sure that it is compatible with my guai.
  4. catalina

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    To plantscaper:
    I'm not up on how to answer a specific post yet! Thanks for being so quick...I'll just have to wait and see, I guess.
    COQ10 was a supplement i'd stopped a few months ago, so I'm wondering, after reading an item in our local paper's Dear Pharmicist this morning.
  5. klutzo

    klutzo New Member more of a preventative than a cure for several problems, esp. heart problems.
    There are some very poor formulations out there. A good one should be in a dark colored gel capsule to keep out light, and what's inside should be yellow-orange. Stay away from gray ones, as they are not potent. It must be taken with fat to be absorbed also. My favorite brand is Source Naturals.
    Nobody under age 30 should take it, since before that age your body makes plenty of it. Meat eaters will have more of it than vegetarians. Between age 30-50, 30 mgs. per day for normals, or at least 60 mgs. for people like us.
    If you have an MVP, 100mgs. a day is a good dose. If you have cardiomyopathy, the dose is at least 300 mgs. up to 3 times a day.
    Dr. Starlanyl recommended 300 mgs. for Fibro patients also.
    COQ10 is expensive and I've gotten great help in preventing my palpitations from MVP as well as some boost in energy levels from 60 mgs. daily. It is so good for the heart that I would continue to take it as a preventative anyway. It has actually allowed some people to get off the heart transplant list and be almost normal again.
    Also, anyone taking Statin drugs for cholesterol should take at least 100 mgs. daily of COQ10,as these drugs rob your body of it, which is actually increasing your risk of heart problems, not lowering it. What most docs know about nutrition could be inscribed on the head of a pin.
    P.S. for Tibbie - COQ10 itself will not block Guai, but be careful to read and check the inactive ingredients. I had to change my COQ10 from Source Naturals to another brand (Country Life) when I started Guai because it had acacia powder in it.
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