coral calcium and guai

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    Have any of you that use guai researched this?I know pro health has their brand and they also carry the barefoot brand. Are either of them ok to use with guai? Forgive me for asking and not doing the research myself...My brain is out there somewhere and hasn't returned in awhile :).....Blessings to you ......kathleen
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    Keep your post bump up, Mikie is not here at nightime, she would know the answer to this one. She is here mainly in the morning.

    I don't take the Guai, so can't help, I took a quick look in St. Amand's book, but they must have 100 references to calcium! Too tired to read all that, sorry!

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Hi, Kathleen. I see nothing in the list of ingredients which appears to be plant based except the cellulose which is OK to use with the Guai as it's not broken down in the digestive system and passes through harmlessly. I use the ProHealth brand. Typically, minerals are safe to use unless they are extracted from vegetable material.

    Love, Mikie
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    What is guai?