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    Hi Everyone: I'm pretty new to the boards but found this one to be one of the nicest message boards I found. I read daily here. My question is I'm now taking Coral Calcium and I have read on these boards some posts. I would like to know who has tried it and if they seen any results from taking it. I would appreciate your input, like a little survey here, I'm into natural remedies and determined to find something that will help other than Meds (which I take a few). Thanks again for your response. I figure researching on the net you find companies that tell you how good a product is that sells it but getting some real answeres from people who have tried it works much better for me. Hugs and support to all of us with this DD.

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    Hi Cathie, welcome to our world! Sorry your post went to the second page, but the board has been moving very fast this week.

    I have not tried the Coral Calcium yet, I bought it, and was waiting to see what others had to say about it too! I do take mostly supplements for Fibro, but am big on dairy products so have not taken the Coral Calcium, yet.

    I do know a few of our members have had good results with it in the last few months, so hang in there I know some of them will be answering your question soon.

    If you are interested, Pro Health does sell the same Coral Calcium that is on the tv by 'Barefoot', at a much lower price. Just go to the Store link at the top of the page and see for yourself if you are interested.

    So glad you have found our board, and hope you post often.

    Again, welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl
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