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  1. munchkin

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    Hi All!

    Has anyone tried that Bob Barefoots Coral Calcium? I also have Osteopenia(almost Osteoporosis) and I need 1,200 mgs of calcium. Does anyone know if I take coral calcium that I would be getting that amount?


  2. Kay2

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    the 2nd page. Look under Jasmines post on coral calcium. There is alot of info on this. Also to look up Bob Barefoots coral calcium, do search coralcalcium. Lots of sights to go into. Hope this helps. Linda

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  3. Mikie

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    I haven't taken it long enough to tell whether or not it is benefitting me. Also, I started taking the ENADA at the same time, so I may not know which is giving me the benefits.

    Love, Mikie
  4. SaraD

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    Hi Muchkin, your the first person I have heard mention that they have osteopenia. I was actually diagnosed with it in my mid 20's which is pretty odd I guess. But I was just about to order some coral calcium, as I am so confussed as to what is the best way to get the right sort of calcium that will absorb into your bones. I've also had about a dozen kidney stones so for the past 10 years they have told me to avoid calcium because they were calcium stones, so it's been a catch 22 for me.... Keep us posted if you try it out!
  5. healing

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    One thing our doc told my husband is not to take magnesium at the same time as calcium because it may interfere with the body's ability to absorb the calcium. He got really bad leg cramps and had osteoporosis, was still getting the leg cramps even with 1600 mg. daily of calcium. Switching the magnesium to a.m. and the calcium to p.m. has eliminated the leg cramps.
  6. layinglow

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    I take Barefoot's Coral Calcium.

    Recommended dosage is three capsules/day

    Each Capsule contains:
    1250mg coral calcium
    also have vitamins A,C,D,E,
    iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, boron, cesium,
    there is another form of calcium also---95mg. from Aquamin

    Best wishes, LL
  7. munchkin

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    HI Sarad!

    I am taking liquid calcium called (Drinkables) it has 3 different calciums in it and alot of Vitamin D.Also magnesium which you have to have with the calcium to absorb. My doctor wanted me to go on ACTONEL for osteopenia. I have read up on actonel and went on sites about it and it is NOT a good medication. It causes all kinds of other problems. NO THANKS TO THAT!!
    What do you take now for your osteopenia??? I'll let you know when I get the coral calcium.

    Take Care, Munchkin
  8. munchkin

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    HI Jasmine!

    Thanks for the info on Coral Calcium! I'll try it!!

  9. munchkin

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    Has the coral calcium helped you in your pain or with any other problems??? Let me know please.