Coral Calcium

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    "Ciguatera poisoning" is the most common nonbacterial, fish-borne poisoning in the United States. It is caused by consumption of reef fish that feed on certain dinoflagellates (ie, algae) associated with CORAL REEF systems.

    Ciguatera poisoning is a clinical diagnosis based upon a constellation of symptoms temporally related to ingestion of suspect fish products. Onset of symptoms may be within 15 minutes or as late as 24 hours (rarely) after ingestion of the toxin. Generally, symptoms are noted within 6-12 hours after ingestion of tropical reef fish. Symptoms increase in frequency and severity over the subsequent 4-6 hours. Reported symptoms are numerous but commonly affect 3 major organ systems: GI, neurologic, and cardiovascular.

    Since eating fish that feed on CORAL poses a possible health danger, I would be extremely skeptical about directly ingesting CORAL.