Cordyceps , Friend Gone From a Wheel Chair to Mowing Lawn

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greatgran, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    I have a long distance friend with CFS/Lyme and was in a wheel chair 3 weeks ago. Today she is mowing her lawn, shopping at walmart etc. Its like a miracle.. This energy and her feeling well has lasted over a week..

    I had posted on cordyceps in another post but wanted to share this.. I hope for her sake this will last.. Any input..

  2. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    It sounds great to me, worth looking into. Can you find out what brand of cordyceps she is taking, and how much? The brand is very important, they're not all alike.

    In the past I did have different things help with energy (l-carnitine, NADH, calcium pyruvate), but they were all temporary (but you never know).

    d-ribose is helping me consistently with energy, sort of a gentle nudge.

    Anyways, I hope for her sake it lasts too!

    I believe cordyceps used to be very rare and was only available to royalty because of its scarcity.

    I would really appreciate it if you could out find the brand (and how much your friend is taking) as I may try it myself. Thanks!


  3. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    I am going to order the one she is taking and it is Pure Cordyceps from Aloha Medicinals you can google it.

    I am needing something more for pain than fatigue now ..

    Jamin, guess you are right, I take the "stuff" and if I don't see results within a few weeks I ditch it. Most of the supplements I still take , feel they can't hurt but if I get stomach upsets, indigestion after awhile I stop them.. If no side effects I stick with them but nothing seems to work and if I think its working or some improvement it doesn't seem to last..

    Guess I am a basket case,

  4. mbofov

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  5. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    My doctor thinks cfs is an auto-immune disease.. I never know what to do..

    Thanks for the info.
  6. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    Greatgran - there is some evidence that cordyceps is an immune system modulator - i.e., if your system is overactive, it can quiet it, and vice versa. There isn't a lot of research in this area but I plan to try it. It's also suppsoed to increase ATP. If in doubt, why not ask your doctor? I'd bring her/him some literature because chances are they won't know anything about it.

    Here's one article:,1b05160a735f1b4e,34bf0bcb5f7959a7.html

    I think it's especially worth a try seeing how well your friend did. And if it doesn't work, it's not a lot of money.

  7. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Well my friend taking Cordyceps has been in a horrible crash.. The first week she was on Cordyceps she did great.. This lasted about a week then she became so sick again to the point of being bed ridden.. Never know what to try... at least she had a good week. My husband's doctor wants me to try ATP Energy, but I am waiting on my hair analysis .. I think this disease just has to leave on its own..

  8. greatgran

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    Yes I have seen doctors at Wake Forest and tried the meds which made me feel worse than my actual symptoms.. As far as testing, no I haven't had many test except the usual Chem panel..My niece works for a board of doctors at Chapel Hill and they said CFS will leave the body as it came if it doesn't then you will have it the rest of your life... All they can do is treat the symptoms.
    With some, like me, that is so sensitive to meds then its complicated..

    Yes, I have seen a psych. at Wake Forest and he said my anxiety etc. is from the cfs/fm that it is a disease of the central nervous system..along with an infection.. Meds treat the symptoms and some help some don't..

    I have tried many meds, natural and Rx sometimes you get sick and tired of trying when nothing seems to help or make you feel worse..

    Oh, one doc at Wake Forest told me to divorce my family.. I would never be well until my situation improved...

    Been to many told many different things... Tried many different things... I do know that xanax , watching my diet along with rest, reducing stress is the only thing that works with me..


  9. matieofleaves803

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    I don't know.... I just tend to give up, because Nothing seems to be reliable, and I can't afford to try lots of different things.
    I just take the meds that I have found work for me over the years, and take it easy. I do the things I can, and I don't do the things I can't.
    I try not to be hard on myself and I think if I were going to be intensely focused on looking for something to cure me, and why ISN'T it working(!), I would just be frustrated and angry all the time.
    It can be a matter of, to push or not to push. I feel lousy today because I've been pushing way to hard with trying to learn these computer things, and it's frustrating, but I just have to say that's the way it is, and take it easy. Watch a little TV, play on the internet as much as I can, read a bit of the paper (books are too much right now), maybe take my wheelchair out in front of the bldg to sit by the trees and enjoy the air for awhile....simple things.
    Not try to learn something complicated, not try to shower. No Housework! Probably can't cook anything, and that's disappointing, but that's why God made frozen meals. God bless Her!
    Now, that's too much. I have officially written too much and have exhausted myself and made myself dizzy. And as soon as my cat lets me stop petting her, I'm going to hang out in front of HGTV.

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