corn syrup aids constipation????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by clueless, Mar 8, 2003.

  1. clueless

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    Am I correct in thinking that I have seen corn syrup used as an aid for constipation?? If this is true could someone tell me quantitys, how often taken etc. I have a real problem and stool softeners etc. just don`t work. Appreciate any help for this miserable side effect of this disease. Thank you and may God Bless! Clueless
  2. Shirl

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    I was the constapation Queen before I started taking magnesium. You can take 'Natural Calm' (magnesium citrate)(can be bought at most health food stores, but not GNC), its a powdered form that you mix with warm water, it tastes like an Alka Seltzer, which I like. One teaspoon a day with a glass of water will have you regulated in short order.

    Since I take ZMA (zinc, magnesium, and B-6), I don't often need the Natural Calm, I go everyday. Before this I took suppositories everyday of my life, and sometimes they did not work. I could not take any of the OTC or prescription meds for it as they cramped the heck out of me.

    Hope you get some relief soon, its a miserable feeling.

    Shalom, Shirl

  3. lynnsouth

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    Yes, it is an old remedy for constipation in babies. In fact, my grand niece suffered with constipation in the first few months of her life. Her great grandmother said to give her Karo syrup before trying a laxative. It worked for the baby, but the high glucose concentration doesn't help everyone with constipation.
    I tried it - no luck. Now I use 6 to 8 0z of Nu-litely per day.
    Yes, my problem is mega-serious- lack of peristalsis.
    You have to fins what works for you.
    Good luck !
  4. Tattoopixie

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    If my stool softner doesn't work (ducosate sodium 100mg x2 up to 3x a day-walmart generic brand)- I eat sugar free frozen yogurt because the ingredients make you go. I have also used dark chocolate & it has the same effect. Also, since I am down to 1 diet coke or coffee a day if I add a 2nd cup of caffiene it unplugs me. Then there is always corn....LOL...Hope it all comes out all right (pun intended!)
  5. Ellie

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    Or drink is Senna Tea its a natual tea made out of Senna Leaf. I have tried everything a few months ago I was so plugged up I had tried all of this in a week time and no luck. I 1/2 pound of figs 1 bottle of prune juice, four enemas and 6 laxatives and no luck. Now I drink senna tea it's called smooth move you can buy it at the grocey store. I can go with out any problems. I also got a hernia from al the strainin now need surgey, Good Luck and Aloha Ellie
  6. Lana56

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    Another solution for constipation is Aloe Vera juice.You can get it in the health food store. I had a terrible problem at one time.I just happen to be in the store and overheard a mother saying she needed this for her child and why. I decided to get some.I took one ounce each day.Had great relief! You will get no cramps or anything and it won't hurt you at all.Now it does not taste great,but I drank the ounce fast with another drink ready.I also started to drink a lot of water.I don't even need it any longer,but if I run in to trouble I would get it right a way.Good luck to all and don't let the meds get you like this! Lana56
  7. healing

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    you don't need a special brand. I take 120 mg daily, double that if constipation occurs.
  8. clueless

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    Thanks so much for the ways to help constipation.I may try all of them lol that ought to work. It is such a miserable thing to have and in years past I had a terrible diarhhea problem, hard to travel our bodies change. Thanks again, this is such a good place to get info. "right fom the horses mouth as they say", others have experienced the same problems. clueless